Using Water to Heal

Body Water Labeling for Health and Joy
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Our bodies are mostly water
Water carries vibration in a remarkable way; What is water carrying into your cells?

If you saw the metaphysical movie “What the Bleep do we Know” you will remember the exhibit of pictures that actress Marlee Matlin viewed, of drops of water that had been labeled with certain potent words and how just the labeling changed the appearance of the water.

Words like Love and Peace created symmetry in the water droplets where words like Hatred and War created chaotic patterns. After that film and the book that preceded it, Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto, spiritual beings all over the world took up the idea of labeling their water with specific frequencies they wanted to embrace.

I am thinking about water today. I read some information about different types of healing experiments that people are doing with water and remembered something a friend of mine did years ago.

A dear friend of mine, and one of the most valiant spiritual beings I know, showed me her belly one day and across it she had written “J O Y” because she wanted to resonate with that frequency of Joy in her life. She instinctively understood that labeling her body and connecting with the resonance of water within works to create cellular change which then out-pictures into that person’s life.

What is Body Water Labeling?

My definition: Writing a word on the body to connect the energetic truth of that word with the energetic resonance of water in the body, to create desired change in a person’s life at a cellular level.

If you could label your body today, with a specific quality you want to bring forth in your own life, what would the label read?


I guess one could label the body with all of them but I’d be cautious because one thing I’ve learned about choosing to embrace a quality fully…..anything and everything that would hinder that complete embracing (from this and any other lifetime) will be flared up, flushed out and brought to consciousness for healing. For examples, all unresolved issues around loving will flare up if a person chooses to label their body “Love”, etc. because water touches every cell in that body and every cellular memory.

One choice that could affect every cellular memory a person has that holds unresolved issues or imbalance of ANY KIND would be to label the body Health or Optimal Health, which is what I’ve been considering. If you think about it, that might open a can of worms that could make trying to lose weight and quit smoking at the same time look like child’s play!

Embracing Health would mean letting go of every imbalance about anything at all. Big job for most of us.

Body water labeling just might produce more or a detox and healing crisis than anything we might take into the body so I think I’m going to give this idea serious thought before I
Thinking back to my friend who labeled her body “Joy” years ago, I can say she has gone through it’s opposite a lot since then….grief. It’s been so hard at times that she even pondered staying here on earth or going on.

The thing about truly powerful spiritual ceremony or ritual, which is how I see Body Water Labeling, is that it is quite often very easy to set in motion a completely life-altering chain of events in a moment. Such power to transform should be undertaken with awareness and consciousness for most progressive and least traumatic effect on the being.

2 thoughts on “Using Water to Heal

  1. I found your idea about labeling so interesting, especially the idea that embracing a quality will flare up all of the obstacles.. that may explain my current situation. I have been working so hard to make positive changes in my life and follow the direction I am being guided to but seems like all of a sudden everything is standing in my way and everything negative that could happen has happened.. made no sense to me until this very moment. Wow… the one statement that sticks out to me is “embracing health would mean letting go of every imbalance”… yikes,,, what a revelation. I must have been led to this very page at this very moment.
    My current trials and tribulations are just a flushing out of the imbalance that has been constant in my life since birth because I am now choosing to embrace health and well-being… I feel like Buddha sitting under that tree.

  2. Deb:

    I’ve discovered, quite recently, that we all work so hard……work so hard… so hard. Like you, I’ve worked so hard all my life to be a better person, to do the right thing, etc.

    Now, and maybe it’s part of that “When I am old, I shall wear purple” energy, I find it much more powerful to just focus on letting go of what no longer serves. It’s freeing and much less tiring than all that “work”.

    I’ve been dealing with a physical body trying it’s best to catch up with the healing I’ve already done on other levels. Now, I am able to just be patient with my body and allow it to catch up. It doesn’t mean I haven’t done the work and achieved the release of negative energies that were causing me to live in less than my fullness of divine joy….it’s more that I have done the work and now, my body just needs to catch up.

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