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“Does exaggeration of the unpleasantness of certain objects lead to hatred?”
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Copyright, The Dalai Lama, “How to See Yourself as You Really Are”

I’ve often heard it said that what you focus on increases. However, the book I’m reading by the Dalai Lama takes it a step further in suggesting that the “way” you focus on something causes increased emotions and feelings in the same direction. In other words, how this translates for me is that what might start out as mild dislike for something can turn into hatred if that dislike is focused on, exaggerated and dwelled on.

I see this in a simple way tonight with the bass vibration of highway noise that always seems to intrude on my sleep. I can hear it all night long. And I can definitely see how my initial dislike of this sound has grown into actual hatred of it over time, because every time I again heard it and again remembered that I disliked it, the dislike grew stronger.

I’m taking the journey of this book, How to see yourself as you really are, in hopes that along the way I will discover the opposite of this process and stop creating feelings of hating anything within my energy field.

If my hating the sound of the road traffic and freeway traffic would stop it, there might be at least that much merit in hating but the noise goes on, quite incapable of noticing that I care or doing anything of it’s own accord to change it’s sound for my benefit.

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