Living Life Like Your House is on Fire

More wisdom from Osho on Buddha, regarding living in the moment with consciousness

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Update, 2018: At the time I made the original post, I knew absolutely nothing about Osho. Since then, I watched a documentary called Wild, Wild Country and wow, I was shocked. Just goes to show truth can come from any messenger. If you haven’t seen the documentary, I recommend it. Fascinating insights into a house divided and the vulnerability of the human experience.

I’m “fired up” about what I’m getting from this book by Osho this morning. It is called “Buddha, his life and teachings” Just now, I read that we often only become fully conscious in the moment when our very life is at risk. Sometimes, that is the only situation that can flush out all those other nagging thoughts.

This rather reminds me of all those fundamental Christian sermons I’ve heard, teaching that sometimes “bad things” happen to slow us down and wake us up.

The example used by Osho is to ask what would happen if your house was suddenly on fire? It’s a pretty good bet all other thoughts not absolutely pertinent to the moment would vanish.

Can I live as if my house is on fire? Can I Live as if the only thing worth saving is My life, my consciousness, my Soul Essence? Would living this way drive me crazy or sane?

It would certainly put the petty in it’s place.

Something to ponder…..

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  1. ps. This comment really belonged under my post for the Grammy’s but Terrence posted it here by mistake.

    Why do you comment on pop music culture when you don’t seem to know much about it? First time you’ve seen Amy Weinhouse?? I don’t like her, but c’mon? Proper spelling Alicia Keys not however you spelled it. I agree with you about Kanye feeling self important, but you didn’t know his mom died?? I’m not saying it’s big news, but if you’re writing commentatries one would think that you at least follow major going ons…

  2. I wasn’t writing a review, just my personal thoughts. I comment on whatever is on my mind in that particular section. That’s why it’s called “My Diary”.

    Thanks for correcting my spelling. I will fix that on the blog.

    By the way, visited The Website of Amy Winehouse and apparently it is Winehouse, not Weinhouse as you indicated. I have fixed the spelling on Alicia Keys and thanks again for bringing that mispelling to my attention.

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