Osho on Buddha on Dreams

Is dreamtime work of value to an accelerating being or a symptom of remaining in an spiritually stagnant state?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I have worked with my dreamtime in a very active way for many years. Through the time of sleeping, when the conscious mind rests and the subconscious and superconscious levels of mind are most active, I have received guidance, inspiration and healing information.

I consider Medicine Dreaming to be an effective tool for getting to the bottom of fears, pain, struggle and imbalance. Medicine Dreams bring messages that are healing for my life.

When I first read the words of Buddha, in a book I’m reading by Osho called “Buddha; his life and teachings”, I pondered if the bridge of understanding between his path and mine might have gotten too far apart for me….then, I began to see the Light, as they say and know that his words didn’t contradict my knowing but instead, supported a different perspective of it.

Osho said “Dreams come to you only because you have desires”.

Hum. Well, that is true. My desire might be to heal, or understand something obscured from my waking mind, or to open more to higher levels of knowledge. On what Buddhists might call “gross levels” I also still have desire….desire for comfort, the absence of pain, the presence of joy and I desire money too.

Yes, I can embrace that my dreams come because of desires but, to me, that does not negate their value as I progress along releasing desires and embracing acceptance.

If Medicine only comes when we are sick, does that mean we should not take the medicine?

I think the difference may be intent. We can have dreams, realize they are because we have desires, and do nothing or we can recognize the medicine being offered…the opportunity to go further within and seek out those areas of fear, doubt, ego, etc. for the purpose of more clearly understanding ourselves.

Another level of this comes to me as I consider my conflicting feeling….it has to do with those dreams that I KNOW are from Universal LifeSource Energy. Where I recognize this as God, I also am in alignment with the Buddhist view that God is within. I see certain dreams as that God within speaking to me and, in those cases, they are not really dreams though they may come when I am asleep.

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