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Interesting viewing of Tom Cruise and his views on Scientology

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Tom Cruise on Youtube About Dianetics

I just watched the Tom Cruise Scientology / Dianetics Video on youtube again. I had seen it a while back and wanted to review something he said. I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly but I really did.

He says the following:

“Being a scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else, as you drive past you know that you have to do something about it…….”

Tom Cruise must really have lived an insulated life, in terms of spirituality, if he thinks “anyone else” drives past without assisting…

I have prayed and done ceremony with people from all walks of faith except Scientology / Dianetics, which is not supposed to be a religion, and I can’t imagine any dedicated spiritual being from any one of those faiths driving past an accident and NOT knowing they have a spiritual choice to make. To me, it’s a given that spiritually aware beings naturally know they may have an assistance role to play when their path crosses pain, suffering or chaos and a spiritually aware person is ready to play that role when guided.

I certainly never drive past an accident without instantly sending forth balancing and supportive energy and looking within to see if there is some further, more direct need for my continued presence at the scene. Sometimes, I am instructed to stop. Sometimes, I’m instructed to stop, get out of my car, walk over and lay down on the ground next to someone in pain (I remember one accident in particular; the woman was pregnant and very concerned about her child. I lay near her and sent comforting energy and she calmed)

Sometimes, I receive no further direction to intervene and I drive on. I’ve learned there are soul agreements and sometimes, it isn’t a part of my soul group involved but that of others who are also present there. I drive on, trusting that there are others who are supposed to be there for that particular event. I drive on but not without sending energetic support to the scene.

Whatever energetic assistance I am led to offer, I feel quite certain prayer and energetic support is effective without the tools of scientology. There are many paths to healing and comfort, many tools, and ways of energetic intervention. Scientology does not corner the market on such assistance.

I can’t imagine a Christian would ever pass a wreck without taking prayerful action; nor can I ever imagine a Native American Medicine Man not focusing in and assisting if spirituallly directed to do so. Each path has those within it that are as equally ready to assist as Tom Cruise or anyone else in scientology and as skilled and prepared as well.

Only Scientologists Can Help?

The answer to this pondering in my mind may best be found in the second part of Tom’s explanation about how a scientologist passes an accident ….. he says a scientologist helps

“because you know you’re the only one who can.”

The only one who can? Is there any way to read a statement like that without concluding that Tom Cruise believes scientologists are the only ones who know how to affect energy and help to bring balance to an unbalanced situation?

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