The Grammys

What touched me; what I learned through; what I found odd
And just for fun, visit the Cosmic Casting Office

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Grammys Highlight Hearing Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, sounding as good as they could possibly sound. How can it be that they still can sound like that, wow.

Grammys Oddity….How it bothered me to see Tina dressed as she was….not necessarily that it wasn’t age-appropriate but that somehow it did not represent the growth of the being that I know must have happened in the years between when she first did all those great songs and now.

Grammys Oddity….Cher from such a distance.  Was it really her?  That whole little round podium in the middle of the audience was odd.  I could see people craning in their seats to look back at it….just odd choice, visually.

Grammys Highlight and Odd: Kanye West in those huge white glasses, bouncing in the dark. Then, his surprising song about Mama. Touched me to the point of weeping.

A little something nagged at me when he said “it would be in good taste to turn the music off now”, when he was trying to thank people for their prayers.  It was as if he expected those in charge of the music to be more sensitive and aware than it was reasonable to expect but, to their credit, they almost immediately did turn the music down, well, off.

The music was turned off at the Music Awards
the one show on earth that is ALL about the music.

Something else…What was it…..something about privilege or assumption of fame spreading news faster than it had….

I didn’t even know his mother had recently died….I am guessing others were ignorant too…

Also, I thought of other sons, somewhere in the world, who lost their mothers on that day too……but had no Kanye to stop the world for them, just for a moment.  What was it about that moment which made me feel that some assumption was made that could have been coming from a distortion of personal importance? I felt uncomfortable witnessing those few moments.

Looking back on this the next day, I see it differently.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, Kanye West made some very powerful spiritual statements.

He stopped the music at the music awards.

That’s a statement that says “there’s something more important….remember?  People.  Connecting.  More important.”

And maybe, because that vibration went out to the world through television and internet, he in fact WAS there for all those son’s who grieve the loss of their mother; all those broken-hearted men who just wanted to find quiet enough to express how much they loved and how much they appreciated the one woman above all women in a man’s life……maybe Kanye gave them that moment by taking it for himself and his mother.

He had previously made a similiar powerful spiritual statement at the end of that beautiful tribute to his mom when he said that “everything, all this, the grammys is just a dream…….”

Potent reality, and it shifted energy in the entire room when he said it, though his voice was low, barely audible.  It shifted me.

It called me to remember…..this that we cling to so desperately, this that we think is the real thing; real life….it’s all a dream.  Things. Awards. Money. Fame. Success. Praise. Dreams.

Relationships and family are real. They bring us glimpses of what it is to be real and what it is to be awake in the world, so awake and so different from chasing the unreal things that, to the world, we seem asleep.

So what if his words at the microphone were less impactful than his song and energy during his song?  He was a man on the mission… stop the music, reveal the dream, and reinstate reality.

Exciting:  The Grammys were my introduction to Amy Winehouse (or as Terrence spells it … Weinhouse). Isn’t she just an amazingly campy dark side impression of Barbra Striesand? I kept imagining Barbra playing Amy in a movie. Fantastic performer, like Barbra. I loved her. Lest anyone assume anything else (as has already been the case) I meant the above as a compliment.

Fantastic and unique voice, incredible ability to paint energy with her voice.  Quirky, Genuine, Fragile behind the beehive hair and wide black eyeliner.

Highlight: Alicia Keys….oh wow, what a talent. Stunning. Just Stunning.

Highlight: Carrie Underwood tore it out of the frame. I liked her slow, sexy hip action rather than going for big dance moves and pizzaz. I imagine all the men liked that too. Watching her in those little short black shorts, they were probably wondering why anybody would cheat on ALL that.

Best line of the evening:

Vince Gill “I just got handed an award by a Beatle; Kanye, that happened to you yet?”

I enjoyed the Grammy’s this year. Really did. Nice job.

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