Mastermind Meetings for Conscious Filmmakers

Mastermind Meetings in Los Angeles, for those interested in Spiritual Cinema

If you are in the Los Angeles area, there is a great organization that you might want to contact…an organization with a different vision for where the film industry is headed. This group wants to foster relationships and support vision for consious media, transformative media, film for the soul.

ISEE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Transformational Media. The members of ISEE, which stands for The Institute for Synergy and Enlightened Entertainment, is comprised of entertainment industry professionals who create and promote uplifting entertainment that makes a difference. ISEE is a unique production company that supports conscious filmmakers and their creative process.

This organization has recently started what they call “Mastermind Meetings” where conscious filmmakers or producers share their experiences on creating transformational media.

In February, the ISEE Mastermind Meeting featured two different filmmakers who shared their experiences on making their own feature films: Jsu Garcia of Spiritual Warrior and Darryl Anka of Life Goes On.

ISEE plans to continue to have experienced and inspiring speakers monthly in a friendly intimate atmosphere. Discussions and connections will continually be made pertaining to creating and distributing films and other projects in this genre.

After having already produced several short films, they are now working in conjunction with others on feature films as well. They invite you to bring your talents and enthusiasm with you.

Why not contact ISEE and find out when their next Mastermind Meeting will be held? Consider becoming a member of ISEE. When you attend, you are encouraged to bring guests who are experienced in the Entertainment Industry and who have a passion for making a positive difference through media

P.O. Box 260101
Encino, California 91426
(310) 770-0011

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