Tribute to Kelsey

Tribute to Kelsey: A Medicine Dog Extraordinaire

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Tribute to Kelsey

Just the smallest puff of wiggle,
Brown and bright-eyed, there you were
So impossibly small and big
So huge in your Spirit.

Snuggled next to Ollie,
Loving her so fiercely
Through nights that were not easy,
Through years of growth and change.

Oh, how you loved,
You little wonder.
Oh how you cared for her.

So innocent and trusting
So full of giant love.

You have gone to rest now
Sweet Kelsey, dearest girl
And you will be remembered
By those still in the world.

Thank you for your service
Kind little Kelsey girl
A stronger Medicine Worker
I’ve not seen in the world.

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