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Basic informaton on mangosteen, goji, noni, pomegranate and acai
along with possible medication interactions you should be aware of if you drink these juices – Article Series added to Wellness Library

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I personally use and favor antioxidant juice blends over single juice products but I suggest the opposite for anyone using prescription drugs. If you are on prescription drugs OF ANY KIND, and you want to try antioxidant juices, AFTER BEING CERTAIN TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AND GETTING YOUR DOCTOR’S OK TO USE AN ANTIOXIDANT JUICE, start with a single juice rather than a blend so that it’s easier to monitor effect and any possible side effects or reactions.

I use a blend that contains mangosteen juice along with other juices including the ones mentioned above along with cranberry, red grape, tomato, bludberry, elderberry and others. The kind I use is called Red Lightning and it’s put out by a company called Nature’s Plus.

Recently, I had a disturbing realization that, healthy as these juices are for the average person, they can possibly pose a risk to those who take certain prescription drugs.

I spent a few days researching this concern after my mom had a negative reaction, due to some medication she was taking while also taking an antioxidant juice blend that contained goji berry, or as it is also known, wolfberry.

I wanted to post information on all that I could find on the subject of prescription drug interactions with antioxidant juices, and you will find the results of that research on the website. However, any such list is not to be consider all-inclusive. There may be other prescription drug interactions that I did not find documentation for online. Also, you should not consider any list as replacement for advice you need to be getting from your doctor if you are under a doctor’s care for health problems.

That being said, here’s the beginning of the series of articles on prescription drug interactions with antioxidant juices

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