Product Review on Bursitis Patches

Product Review – Bursitis Patches for Elbow Pain
Danniel’s Bursitis Patches

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Bursitis Patches Get a Thumbs Up

Update, 2018: I’m sorry to report that I can no longer find Daniel’s Bursitis patches. I’m disappointed because they worked but the website no longer loads and I can’t find the product anywhere online.

This review is long overdue. I had a very painful and stubborn case of elbow bursitis a while back and tried just about every bursitis remedy you can think of, it not every one. One of the things I decided to try was these bursitis patches that are advertised online, Daniel’s Bursitis Patches. Here are the previous posts I made, in order. It may be helpful to review those before reading this product review. I started out feeling they didn’t do anything, these patches, but changed my mind as I used them more:

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Ok, after reading that book, here’s my final review:

The two main symptoms I wanted to control were pain and swelling. I had some serious swelling, to the point that I worried about the elbow joint itself. As I mentioned in other posts, Aleve was about the best a relieving the swelling and MSM seemed to help most with the pain.

The bursitis patches initially made no noticable difference at all but by about the fourth day, I got the idea to dampen the patch a bit rather than putting it on the skin dry….big difference.

Noticable reduction in pain and swelling after doing that. The results did seem to plateau after a few days but also, I had used up several of the patches dry so I didn’t get to use the full pack. I believe if I had dampened them from the beginning, one package of 10 patches might have done the trick.

I have dialogued with the company that makes the patches, as you can see from the comments left by their representative, Toky. I appreciated their attention to my concerns, one of which was the difficulty of using a patch designed to be placed flat on an area that was totally not flat.

Like most other detox patches I’ve tried, these are rectangular patches with a very sticky adhesive around the edges. Trying to put these on the elbow in a way that covers the entire elbow is almost impossible.

I suggested that a new design be considered for elbow use. I also shared that I was getting much better results by dampening the patch (not wetting, just slightly dampening – wetting it ended up sticking it to my elbow in an uncomfortable way) and the company is doing their own research into whether this actually helps increase effectiveness on elbow bursitis.

Also, and this is true with other detox patches I’ve tried, there was too much adhesive space around the patch and I ended up with the adhensive stuck to my skin in a painful way. It was really painful to pull it off.

So, I got the idea of cutting notches all around the adhesive, to make it easier to pull off than the solid strip. It worked well for me.

However, these are design problems that I would have had with any detox patch and do not speak to the effectiveness of the product itself.

I found the patches to be effective. I’d give them a thumbs up.

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