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Success Secrets Continued

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

In the last post, I wrote about the value of time vs. money.

In that post I mentioned the #1 secret of success for Master Persuader Michael Lee, author of Mike Lee is the author of How to be an Expert Persuader. Mike’s # 1 secret of success was this: Value your time more than money.

What were Michael’s other six secrets of success?

2. Set realistic goals and make sure to write them down!

Note from Neva: Of course, there could be a book written about just that….how to know when a goal is realistic and how to phrase each goal in the most positive way for results.

3. Give unconditionally and show gratitude.

Note from Neva: This is a big one. “Thank you” has just about become an obsolete phrase in the english language. If you want to change the vibrational attraction frequency of your life, start using Thank you. Giving without conditions is harder than it sounds. Often, we give because we want things to be better for someone. Even that is a condition.

4. Focus on one thing at a time.

Note from Neva: I can’t focus on that right now; too many other things I’m thinking about. Ha. I’m only half-joking. The sharper the mind, the easier it can be to spread oneself too thin, mentally speaking. It is one of my biggest challenges.

5. Always be hungry for knowledge, and act on what you’ve learned.

Note from Neva: The first part I have no problem with because my hunger for knowledge has been with me for my entire life. It is a driving passion and also a big challenge because of # 4, focusing on one thing at a time. With the internet, it’s easy to focus on lots of things but not give any your full attention. I believe that focusing on one thing at a time is what could help me act on what I’ve learned, the second half of this secret for success.

6. Affirm and visualize your desires.

Note from Neva: I used to be a lot better with this than I am now. The challenge for me is to set realistic goals because, otherwise, how do I know what to affirm and visualize?

7. Never listen to anyone who says “you can’t do it.”

Note from Neva: Finally, one secret I already mastered. I don’t think I’ve ever accepted No for an answer when it came to following my path. I do not let others define who I am or what I can do in the world.

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