What is your time worth?

How much is your time worth to you?
One way to tell if you are following the first of 7 secrets of success from Master Persuader Michael Lee

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I spent this past weekend in an intense work evaluation. My sister, Deb, came to help me with some of my postings that I was so far behind on and, in return, I helped her shape and clarify her vision for a self help blog that would be inspirational, fun and fruitful financially.

This has been a challenge of mine as well….how to create income while doing what you love. I’ve learned some pretty important lessons on poverty consciousness vs. abundance thinking but I still have a ways to go since my time is still monopolized by work that is not producing results to the degree that I can put that time to more creative, spiritually rich use.

I believe the more passion is in a project, the more money is also in it. If your heart is not in a creative project, the project never flies. At least, that’s true with spiritually aware beings. It just isn’t in alignment with spiritual awakening to waste time in passionless efforts.

Anyway, just as I was doing this, and focusing on Deb’s 21 days ebook and how she could tie that into a bigger vision that would help others and also help her with her finances, I got an email from a fella named Michael Lee. We networked a little and I found out Mike has an ebook on how to persuade people so that a win-win can happen in negotiations of any kind.

Below is a dialogue I had with Mike on his 7 secrets of success:

I have a question which, if you would have time to answer it, I’d love to post on my blog for the benefit of others. Of course, I would link your website along with whatever bio line you might like me to use.

Mike, My question is this:

In your “7 rules for success” the first rule is
to value your time more than money.

I understand that concept but what are
some practical ways that a person might
start putting that idea into practice, in
a way that it might become habit over time?

Mike’s Answer:
The best way to realize that the value
of time higher than money is to actually
experience the fast results of delegating
or outsourcing.

When I was preparing for our membership site, I first
thought of doing all the reports to save money. But it’s
really slowing down the pace. So I found some writers to
do the job even if I’m almost running out of funds. The
result was that we’re able to launch much earlier and we’ve
earned quite a sum at an earlier time.

My response:
Wow, that’s the rub isn’t it?

Literally, make our time worth more
than even our own money…..

You’ve certainly given me something to think about.

I am looking at the way I’ve been working, in light
of what Mike said…..I can see that, in many ways,
I have made my time worth a lot less than my money.
I have spent countless hours in tedious work that could
have been delegated or outsourced except for one reason:

I didn’t value my time more than my own money.

I felt I couldn’t afford it but can I afford to use up all my
time on passionless efforts when there are other, more
passion-filled aspects to my business that I would enjoy
doing? I need to look carefully at where I put my time.

Mike said made his time more important than money
even when he was almost running out of funds

I think that’s the key. If I wait til I think I have enough
money to outsource and delegate, it may never happen.

Mike Lee is the author of How to be an Expert Persuader now available for free.

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