Delicious Healthy Organic Recipes

Healthy and delicious, these organic food recipes are sure to please those who love healthy eating

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I eat organic foods whenever I can get them. In rural Alabama, that’s sometimes a trick. I grew up thinking that, because almost everyone had a garden and grew their own vegetables that I was eating healthy but have since learned about toxic pesticides that negate that homegrown nutrition myth, at least for me.

I do not have an organic foods store nearby so I’m grateful that Ingle’s supermarkets carry a little organic produce and some organic options in canned goods and snacks. I hope this trend continues.

Anyway, I fully support online companies that sell organic foods and products and this one, called E3 Live, has a wonderful list of delicious recipes you can try out.

They all call for E3 Live ingredients and if you don’t already have a source for organic health products you could see what they have to offer or substitute other ingredients.

Their mouth-watering recipes include salsa, almond milk (easier to make than I would have thought and so healthy – Edgar Cayce sometimes suggested eating almonds as a cancer preventative), raw coconut chewies and a wide range of healthy smoothies including their
E3 Ginger Zing Smoothie, Strawberry Banana Choco Smoothie and Melon and Mint Smoothie. Oh yum, I can taste one now!

Organic Eating – Healthy Recipes Here

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