Zrii Liquid Nutritional Feedback

Zrii is making news as the first product ever to be endorsed by the prestigious Chopra Center. What is Zrii?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Chopra Center Endorses Zrii

Update, 2018: Surprise, surprise, Zrii is still around! This is a very old post but it turns out that Zrii had longevity. That’s one of the landmarks of a good product. Order Zrii online or read on to learn more about it. I do not know whether Deepak Chopra still endorses this product but at the time of my posting, he did.

Being online as much as I am, I hear about almost all new products as they come out. I first heard mention of a product called Zrii, which is a liquid nutritional with a distinct difference among liquid nutritionals: Zrii is the the only product endorsed by Deepak Chopra. The Chopra Center Endorsement was enough for me to give Zrii a look.

I had a similar reaction as I did to the CardioCocktail when I realized that, like that unusual and particularly important nutritional, Zrii was an MLM product. I wasn’t too thrilled about that.

I’ve seen a trend recently, where very wealthy businessmen in the national limelight, have decided to buy and promote nutritionals through multi-level marketing programs. Network marketing is the preferred term they use, over MLM.

I contacted a Zrii distributor and requested a sample, which was sent.

I can say that the Zrii is very tasty. I liked it.

I also felt it had energetic resonance.

However, like most products in the network marketing arena, it is expensive.

The primary Ayurvedic herbs in this formula are Amalaki, also known as Indian Gooseberry, ginger and tumeric.

Amalaki is promoted as a natural antioxidant with detoxing and rejuvenating properties. Of course, many other antioxidant juices exist so one question I had was whether this particular one is superior or whether it is the synergy of the other ingredients specific to Ayurvedic Medicine that make Zrii different.

I use both ginger and tumeric and find both to be good herbs. Both are fairly inexpensive to purchase so their addition alone wouldn’t excite me enough to purchase Zrii. Amalaki was a new one for me….I had not ever researched it before and didn’t know what the addition of this Ayurvedic Herb might mean to the synergy of Zrii.

After admittedly preliminary research, I believe Zrii could be a valuable addition to the diet of those suffering with digestive problems, in particular. The synergy of the ingredients is such that I would suspect Zrii could have a very positive effect on digestion.

While it is also promoted for eliminatory health and help with constipation, I feel there are other formulas out there that can effectively address that whereas I don’t know of any that truly make a lasting, healthful impact on the digestive process and feel that Zrii might be that product, if used over time. If it is, it would be a valuable addition to the holistic health practitioner.

I am not certain I find enough information to invest in a month supply of this product to test it myself so I’m hoping to get feedback here from others who are using it. I will not post Zrii distributor websites but will post comments from Zrii users so if you use it, let me know what you think of Zrii.

Have you noticed marked improvement in digestion and elimination while using it? Have you noticed other health benefits that could only be attributed to the addition of Zrii to your diet?

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