Enneagrams and Dianetics

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Dianetics not the first to know about Enneagrams

I just got an email talking about The Enneagram Personality System. I was intrigued by it because my last contact with the word enneagram was as it is taught in Dianetics material. This approach, however, is much older than scientology and apparently based on Sufi teachings.

I am just offering this information on Enneagrams that comes from an older source than scientology, for those who might have an interest in exploring the idea further.

I was led from the email I received to links from Viki Markham, who is a psychotherapist and also a certified enneagram teacher. I read some of the information Vikki’s site and found myself clearly in one of the enneagram numbers she talks about. Of course, I found myself clearly in the Dianetics book too; I just didn’t like their solution. I felt it was very disempowering. I still feel that way about getting “clear” the dianetics way.

I am not sure how Vikki or others trained as certified enneagram teachers proceed with helping a person transform the non-progressive aspects of the personality but as far as nailing mine, this system certainly succeeded.

If you want to explore this idea of enneagrams and the effect they may be having on your spiritual growth and beingness in the world, I’d suggest reading about the 9 enneagram types (you can even take a test to see which type you are) is the Enneagram Institute Website.

The 9 types of personality in this particular structure of testing such things are:

The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger and The Peacemaker.

Anything that puts people into 9 boxes feels a little rigid to me, in the same way that astrology can with it’s 12 boxes. I do believe the time we choose to be born is chosen, in part, because we wish to have certain personality structure in place to help shape us toward our soul mission. I also certainly believe that our childhood and life experiences do shape the personality as well, to a certain degree.

I just encourage anyone following any type of personality-framing structure to remember that they are also Divine Beings and fully capable of transformation at all levels.

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