Stopping for Funerals

Tradition….something done out of habit or social pressure, or something of true spiritual significance?

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It’s a southern tradition in small rural towns to pull off the side of the road if you see a funeral procession coming.

I had this happen today and, as I pulled over I pondered whether this was just a kneejerk reaction that had been conditioned into me or whether there was really a spiritual imperative at work. After thinking on it I saw that, at least for me, there is a spiritual imperative.

I believe this because of three things that occur when I pull over and stop for funeral processions:

1. I acknowledge that a life, unique in all the world and through all time, has passed. I honor that life as a unique expression of Spirit in flesh.

2. By being willing to literally stop where I’m going, and sit still in the moment, I am saying to those who pass that I understand their life, as they have known it, has stopped. Someone they love has gone from them and the void that leaves is fresh on them. I am saying that I’m willing to stop because their life has stopped and be in that moment with them.

3. I pray and send healing supportive energy into every car that passes me. Because I am still, and focused, I am able to be of service as a spiritual being and send loving light and comfort to those who are in pain.

Some traditions are worth keeping, even if traffic gets backed up for a while.

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