Medicine Dream Connections

Medicine Dream Connections: Good Example of Spiritual Dream Work
How I work with my dreams as spiritual messengers

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Very Strong Example of Interwoven Dreamwork Between Two People

I woke from a dream on February 22, 2008.

I consider this a Medicine Dream.

Medicine Dreams are dreams that contain spiritual guidance
of a transformative nature.

This is my Medicine Dream:

Last night I dreamed of a little baby. She was too small to even be real but she was real. I had her on a dresser and somehow she fell behind it. I was horrified and got her out. She seemed to be ok. Then, it happened again.

After that, i left her in the care of another “healer” and that healer had her in a car and was trying to get in the back seat and the front seat slammed down on her. When i got there…she looked really dead. I was so upset with the healer but also at myself for having let her drop behind the dresser twice.

That same morning, I got an email from my sister, Deb, about a dream she had that same night, with me in it. The amazing similarity of the two dreams was quite enough to convince me that my earlier feeling about my own dream, about if holding a high degree of spiritual significance, was accurate.

Here’s Deb’s Medicine Dream:

I had a dream last night and it may be directed at me but because you were in the dream, I am going to send you the details just in case it means something to you. In the dream, I was the healer and you were the one hurting. In the dream you had a little girl and she died for some reason and you were not able to let go of the grief and move on. You were just in excruciating pain and I was there and there was some other “healer” who was faceless who was doing a really lousy job.

I was quiet but then I reached over and touched your head and said ‘do you want me to help you’ and you said yes. I then began to do ‘healer’ like things pressing your back in different places and telling you “You are going to get a big poster, that says in big letters “Let it Go”, and you are going to paste on the wall of your bedroom where you see it as soon as you wake.

You are going to get cards and write on them “Let it Go” and you are going to put them everywhere, in your purse, in your car, in your billfold, everywhere…. It is ok to Let it go…. Let it go.

I remember this dream in more detail than anything I have every dreamed. It has to mean something. I am going to really look at it for myself but wanted you to have it too in case your dream studies tell you more about it’s meaning and because you are in it and it might be for you somehow. I love you, Deb

This is a splendid example of dreamtime connection. I’ve worked with my dreams for many, many years as medicine. I have quite often had dreams with various members of my family, including Deb, where I have appeared as a healing facilitator and helped with healing. This time, Deb appeared for me. I think it’s so wonderful.

It’s also wonderful that Deb decided to look at the dream for messages that might apply to her own life as well. I believe it is most often the case that a Medicine Dream will help both the dreamer and the one dreamed about.

I emailed Deb back with my intial guidance from the dream connection….

I was angry at you yesterday because you got the domain name I said I thought was too hard to spell and wouldn’t be a good choice. i took it personally and though you just didn’t listen to me at all, after asking for my help.

This happened again with my agent. I was trying to talk to her, to explain something important but she didn’t seem to even be hearing my words or understanding their meaning. We seemed to be having two very different conversations because she wasn’t listening at all. When I think about how upset this made me, I realize that it was because I couldn’t let it go. I knew I was correct in what I was saying and that follow up on her part would prove it but I wanted her to see the truth right then and she simply couldn’t get there.

As I dwell on the meaning of this dream, I see that “letting go” has been an issue through my whole life.

When I feel I’m not heard or that what I have to say is not respected, I experience feelings of being considered marginal or inconsequential.

In my heart I know you listen….and that you have the right to choose whatever you want, regardless of my advice. The point is that it shouldn’t matter to me, one way or the other.

That’s the challenge i’m presented with….let it go after I’ve spoken my truth, regardless of what anyone does with it after that.

Your dreamtime message for me was so clear, to the point and true: Let it go. Yes, oh God yes, I do need to let it go….this need to be understood, validated or considered significant by others.

I remember something Terry Cole-Whitaker said on one of her tapes (she’s a Christian motivational speaker)

I’m paraphrasing…..It was “What you think of me is none of my business” or “Your opinion of me is none of my business” or something to that effect. Mac (my 7-year spiritual partner and soulmate) tried to teach me that too. Right now, you are my teacher, bringing this message yet again in a powerful way.

Thank you for sharing this dream with me. I most definitely know it was about me and also about you…here’s the thing, sis…..

You said you had never remembered a dream with that much detail before and that you felt it had to mean something. Obviously, it means a lot to me but it also means that you have experienced a shift.

When you came to visit me at my new place last weekend, I knew something would shift in you. My work, for decades, has been as an energy medicine worker. Where I live, I consciously create safe and sacred space thru prayer and offering up of myself to God.

People do not spend time in dedicated spaces, without it opening their spiritual gifts. I’m excited to see how this will inform your path.

Well, I already see the spiritual clarity emerging that is so beautiful in your new website about Focused Intention, your Reciprocity Nation. That’s certainly a project behind which I can place my support, even if it is hard to spell, ha.

On a very broad scale, the dream is for both of us because we must continually let go of old dreams (in many ways, really our babies) constantly to be able to see and act on the new ones.

To me, the baby that died is that part of me that always felt wounded, unheard, unseen and invisible. It’s the part I kept trying to protect, keep from falling (from grace in the eyes of others) and putting in the care of those who then wounded me (the second healer in both our dreams – how amazing). This is such a massive medicine dream that I will have to pray with it and study it for a long time to get all the significance.

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