Homeopathy as a Healing Tool

Homeopathy as a Healing Tool, Guest Article on Homeopathic Medicine from Ayatnajanada

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Homeopathy: A system of healing which brings to light a concept where like treats and heals like. With this in mind let us regain this understand, the understanding of what Samuel Hahnemann said and described when he said that nature had a component and the like of its core treated the disease which it was resembling.

We understand that within nature there are components which have properties which give life. We also understand that within this there are dangerous components, and we understand that within this range there are a mixture of chemicals which give rise to both, good and bad, or health and disease.

When taking a homeopathy remedy think what transpires. Here is the basics. Scientifically speaking there are three major things which take place.

A remedy which is created within the confines of what we know about nature is something which has become succussed (tap repeatedly after each dilution) which binds the cosmic signature of this chemical to the polar aspect of the water. It is this signature which has been attached and becomes almost solidified to the molecules of water.

When the thing which is tapped repeatedly is given birth in the new form, (human with the disease or health problem) the likeness which gave rise to the disease and which is of the same signature as the homeopathy remedy, a reverseness of the signature occurs. Look for example at a cosine wave. The cosine wave is what would be typical of the signature of the plant or object in nature (used for the homeopathy remedy), and then think that this wave which is also the particles themselves, since this energy signature obeys the laws and practice of physics and laws of particle wave duality. It is this wave which can be described as a sin or cos depending on where the nature of the signature is made whole. And when the signature of the remedy is given to the same signature of the disease (although one is good or health-think of the cos wave- and one is bad or disease-think of the sin wave) realize that when taken correctly a disease is counterbalanced with what is the wave practice known as destructive interference.

Because man and women are energetic, all matter is energetic and thus even disease and healing tools like homeopathy are energetic. Therefore the likely explanation of homeopathy is such that like (cos wave which is of X amplitude, and Y frequency) treats the same disease or illness (which is sin wave of the same X amplitude, and Y frequency wave form). The difference of the wave is such that energetically they are the same, it is the lag or difference in the nature of where they start, one cos, one sin, that differs.

It is this difference which is not a signature difference, and therefore obeys the laws of similarity which Samuel Hahnemann described so many years ago. It is this difference which is the duality of nature. There are “good or healing things” which have a signature-call it cos-and there are “bad or illness creating things” which have a similar but out of phase-call is sin wave- signature, which when taken together create a destructive interference as explained through basic high school physics. With this understanding we can say that homeopathy makes sense scientifically according to the laws and practice of waves, and destructive interference through basic physics laws. It should be recognized that this is not sound in the sense that it is complete, yet this is the first building block as to why Homeopathy is scientifically a healing tool.

From Ayatnajanada, as taught through meditation through his foremost guru, Mahavatar Babaji. Ayatnajananda formerly known as Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, is a chiropractor, who spends time writing and channeling information. The writing takes on the form of spirituality and success/motivational related topics. Please examine his website at for more information, books, and spiritual tools to help your spiritual and lifestyle develop.

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