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The challenge of physical plane manifesting
I can write articles on health and spirituality all day long but I know where my weak spots are and one of them is spiritual manifestation vs physical manifestation.

I tend to work too hard, period. I know success online or any other way does not have to be as effort-full as it typically has been for me.

I’m posting this to request articles and information from those who might have mastered the area of working smarter, not harder, and putting the laws of attraction to work in your work so that effort does not have to equal result, dollar for dollar and minute for minute.

I’m tired. I have typed more than most in the past ten years and though I appreciate the ability to reach so many on the internet and to offer information that I truly believe can help with healing on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels, I want to also manifest income that meets all my needs, easily and gracefully.

So, calling all manifestation experts…..send your original articles to me at

askme at askahealer dot com

And thanks in advance. Neva

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