Blood Transfusion Risks

Medical risks associated with having blood transfusions; evaluating blood transfusion risks as an important part of any hospital stay that might introduce them

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I have read or watched on the news at least a half dozen reports on hospital error and the huge impact of human error in hospital care. From giving the wrong, and sometimes deadly, medication to a patient to huge numbers of staff infections that can be traced by to non-consistent hygiene between patients, there is A LOT of room for error.

You, as a patient in any hospital, have a right to question not only dosage but types of medications, to make sure you are getting what you are supposed to get at the dosage you are supposed to get it. Know what your meds are and how much of each you should be getting.

You further have the right to require that your nurse, doctor, or other hospital staff disinfect their hands in your presence before touching you, changing bandages, putting in IV’s or catheters or checking on previously installed IV’s or catheters.

Most recently, I’ve become aware of the huge problem of what is called off-label prescribingtoo, which is where doctors prescribe a medication for a condition it is not approved to treat, or prescribe dosages beyond the guidelines for a particular medication. If you don’t ask, you will most likely never be told if your doctor is prescribing off-label.

And I recently posted about the scandal over reusing medical syringes that has surfaced lately in several articles online and in the news.

This health alert concerns blood transfusion risks you may unknowingly face. One human error that could put you in definite danger from a transfusion is if the blood type is incorrect. You have a right to ask that the blood type be double-checked before administering the transfusion and to physically look at the writing on the bag yourself to confirm it is the correct type. However, if the bag was labeled incorrectly, another type of human error, you would have no way of knowing that but at least you know if it says on the bag that it’s your blood type you are getting.

You also have the right to be fully informed of any increased risk that may result for you from a blood transfusion and you have a right to refuse a blood transfusion.

Personally, I’d have to be convinced that I faced life-threatening consequences before I accepted a blood transfusion. This is because the risk of allergic reaction to the blood of someone other than yourself is a definite risk factor. Your risk of infection also increases with a blood transfusion, particularly if receiving a transfusion with platelets. Bacteria can grow in the platelets if stored at room temperature too long.

If a blood transfusion is just being prescribed as a precautionary measure… should be aware that you have the right to question getting one and to be fully informed of the risks should you accept the transfusion. More on blood transfusion risks.

The good news is that there are health screening tests that can help identify the likelyhood of an immune system reaction from a blood transfusion, and it’s important to communicate to your doctor that you want all such available screenings conducted. It’s also important to realize that the doctor can stop the blood transfusion if a reaction is noted so don’t be shy about reporting any allergic feelings you may have once the transfusion starts, including itching, wheezing, hives or any other feeling that something just is not right inside.

At the very least, talk with your doctor directly about what your increased risks of infection, death and allergic reaction may be of you get a transfusion with someone else’s blood. A good question to ask is whether the blood transfusion your doctor wants to give you is “discretionary”. That means, at the doctor’s discretion. It’s a grey area.

Also, ask what your hemoglobin levels are as this can be an indicator of whether there is urgent need to a transfusion or if it’s just the doctor playing it “safe” or using discretion to prescribe an expensive transfusion that, in addition to increasing your risks for allergic and immune system reactions, also can increase inflammation….something no one who just has surgery wants more of as they recover. If your hemoglobin level is above 9 g/dL then, according to an online magazine written for physicians, Pulmonary Reviews, blood transfusion risks may be discretionary.

Carcinogens in Organic Skin Care

Organic skincare scrutinized by The Organic Organic Consumers Association. Carcinogenic ingredients found in leading brands

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I buy organic whenever I can. It matters to me that the food I eat and the products I use in my home and on my body are the purest available. In the interest of informing others who might have similar interests, I am posting information on a new report on carcinogens in organic skin care and beauty products:

I’ve used some of the organic skincare and hair products brands that are listed in this report on carcinogens in organic skincare report presented by the Organic Consumers Association. I’ve used JASON Pure Natural & Organic, which is on the list for containing a carcinogen called 1,4-Dioxane. I’ve also used Kiss My Face, which apparently contains 1,4-Dioxane as well.

What is 1,4-Dioxane and why do some organic beauty care manufacturers using it?

1,4-Dioxane is a by-product created when companies create their products through a money-saving process called Ethoxylation, to reduce the harshness of some ingredients. Ethoxylation results in the production of an ingredient called Ethylene Oxide which then offsprings the byproduct that is in the news, the carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane. This ingredient is listed as a known carcinogen and is additionally suspected of being toxic to the kidneys, the respiratory system and the neurosystem.

Which organic products do not contain this carcinogen?
You can see the full list on the website. I was happy to see one of my favorites, Dr. Bronners, was on the carcinogen-free list. A few others were
Aubrey Organics, Terressentials and the Nourish brand Sensibility Soaps.

Cinnamon for high blood sugar

Lowering Blood Sugar Levels Naturally
Diabetes-Related Health Articles

Cinnamon for high blood sugar – type of cinnamon used is vital to success

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I remember reading about cinnamon for lowering triglycerides and helping to lower blood sugar levels, maybe even a few years ago. I’ve also read about using this spice to help with weight loss. However, I just read that there are diffierent types of cinnamon and that the type you need to be using for these medicinal properties is NOT the type that ends with the word “cassia”.

There are apparently compounds in the cassia form of cinnamon that, if taken longterm, might interfere with blood thinners like coumadin and also have toxic properties.

Other types of cinnamon include the wild cinnamon that grows in Japan, called Cinnamomum inners and Saigon Cinnamon.

The type of cinnamon that is suggested for use to help with blood sugar levels, and the type of cinnamon considered “true cinnamon” is Cinnamomum Zeylanicum.

more information about the medicinal properties and historical uses of cinnamon

Cinnamomum zeylanicum is considered superior to Cinnamomum cassia and I assume that’s why it is called “true cinnamon”. However, I found reference in a couple of other resources that listed “true cinnamon as Cinnamonum verum. For example, NOW brand cinnamon is listed as containing the “true cinnamon” Cinnamonum verum.

I surmise from what I’ve read so far that as long as it is one of those two types, it’s superior to the use of Cinnamomum cassia and safer for use as a medicinal spice.

You should always check with your doctor before adding new products to your health care regime, whether those products are natural, over the counter or prescription. It’s vital to rule out drug interactions with herbs, such as that which could occur with the cassia brand and blood thinners like coumadin, as well as just to get your doctor’s input on your choices.

Do you know the most common diabetes symptoms?

Senile Dementia Information

Health Conditions that can Mimic or be a factor in dementia. Learn more about senile dementia

Questioning a Diagnosis of Senile Dementia – What You Need to Have Your Doctor Rule Out

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I was surprised to come across some information about dementia and to realize that so many other health conditions could either contribute to the condition or even mimic the symptoms of senile dementia.

Before accepting a diagnosis of dementia, it would be wise to rule out the following health conditions:

Vitamin Deficiencies: Deficiencies that can cause some of the same symptoms as senile dementia include Vitamin B deficiencies. Specifically noted as cause of some of the same symptoms as dementia were deficiencies in Vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Related article on effects of B-12 deficiency

Iodine Deficiencies linked to senile dementia symptoms: As far as iodine deficiency goes, you may think you get all the iodine you need in salt but on a salt-restrictive diet this might not be the case and, if the person eats a lot of soy products or drinks a lot of soy milk, they can still be deficient in iodine even though they eat iodized salt.

Soy has something that blocks absorption of iodine. Also, some salts do not have iodine, such as some sea salts. I know the sea salt I use says right on the box that it does not contain iodine.

Vitamin Deficiencies due to prescription drugs: Certain B-Vitamin deficiencies can happen when taking certain medications. My mom’s heart doctor has her on several B vitamins for that reason so check with your doctor to see if you need to supplement with B-vitamins because these vitamins are not fat-soluble which means the body can’t store them up like it does D or A. They need to be replenished daily, either in our diet or by supplementation.

Health Conditions to rule out:
Besides these common deficiencies, I’d also ask directly whether or not your doctor tested for conditions such as….

Subdural hematomas
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus ( NPH )
Heavy metals poisoning

In addition, if you have known heart disease then oxygen supply may be a factor. Check to see if decreased oxygen supply is evident and ask what can be done to help that condition which may, in turn, help the symptoms of dementia.

If symptoms have their onset soon after having had anesthesia, also have your doctor followup to see if you might have had a reaction to the anesthesia or if too much may have been given. I’ve seen two special reports lately about hospital mistakes that have caused people unnecessary suffering, pain and even death. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists….they are all people. People can make mistakes.

Drug abuse, whether with recreational or prescription drugs, can cause disorientation, confusion and other symptoms associated with dementia but you can also unknowingly have an allergic reaction to a medication or have an interaction between different prescription medications and end up with symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It’s a good idea to go over all drugs and discuss all potential side effects and potential drug interactions with your pharmacist and your doctor.

Frequenty Asked Health Questions

Non-Invasive Health Screenings

Cardiovascular Health Tests, Now Available Without Doctor Visit

Get information about frequently asked health questions and about the non-invasive testing procedures now available without going to your doctor or the hospital

I am all for out-patient diagnostic testing as long as it is reliable. These folks have several tests that are reported to be just as dependable as what you’d get at your doctor’s office or in the hospital. They just cost a whole lot less.

If you have questions about any of the following conditions, you’ll find good, general information as well as info on any tests that are available and when the Life Screening Crew might be coming to your area soon.

Frequently asked questions cover the following health conditions: Osteoporosis,
Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Carotid Artery Health Problems, Atrial Fibrillation (also called afib), Irregular Heart Rhythm, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Peripheral Arterial Disease .

Related articles: What is the difference between Heart Palpitations and Atrial Fibrillation?

Access the frequently asked health questions here

ps. I’ve had all the heart and arterial health tests done except for the afib test (the didn’t have that when I went…it’s new) and was impressed with the results. Good to know how your cardiovascular health is doing.

The Nature of Self-Sabotage

Is the word against us? Are co-dependent people sucking our energy? Or are we caught in a web of self-sabotage?

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I saw myself last night
In the wee hours
As I lay there, mind ablaze.

It was one of those nights….mind in control
Worry-worming the events of the day and the future.

I saw myself….

All through the long hard night,
I kept trying to shut my mind off….
I was feeling, quite literally, like a caged animal…
Then it was as if i saw myself …..

It was as if i saw that I, myself, had
seen the cage, walked into it, turned around,
locked the door and handed someone else the key.

It has never been them. It’s been me.

Self-sabotage is a sneaky little bugger
to track down and recognize. We give
our power to others in very subtle ways
that end up creating that caged, trapped,
powerless feeling in our own lives.

Self-sabotage occurs any time I feel myself
being motivated by guilt, worry, fear, the pain of others,
or the needs of others.

Does this mean I don’t help others?
No. It means that my motivation for assistance
comes from a higher place than my ego or the
rippling effect of what is often disfunctional
communication with family members.

I have often wrote that the spiritual work we
do with our family is the richest we will ever do,
and the most challenging.

What came clear to me last night was just how
much of my own struggle I create, by surrendering
the power of my inner knowing to the circumstance
I see before me….the cage of reality.

That which I blame on others is often just the result
of my own, til now unconscious, self-sabotage. Stepping
into a position that was only potential in my mind until
I treated it like fact.

There is a higher vision. I want to see myself
in that place from now on.

The Munay-ki Rites

What is Munay-Ki?

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Healthy Choices Disclaimer

A Conversation about Munay-Ki Rites

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Munay-ki is a path of Sacred Initiation involving the impartation of Nine Sacred Rites. I read about it on a forum I belong to and contacted the person who posted the information. Her name is Connie and she offers the Munay-ki rites free of charge, in her home in Columbus, Ohio. I contacted Connie because I was interested in the path and the approach of the Munay-ki teachings. What follows is a sort of informal interview as I asked Connie questions about the Munay-ki rites and teachings.

My initial questions about Munay-ki:

Connie, thank you for emailing back about the Munay-ki rites you offer. I had a couple of questions. How do you feel this is different from the other training you have received? Do you mind sharing with me what is involved in the free impartation you offer? Not the teaching but the free part? What is involved in terms of time?

Connie’s Response:

In answer to your basic question , receiving any of the 9 rites would enhance & change the way you practice energy healing for ever.

1. One of the “rules” agreed to before receiving the 9 rites & learning how to pass them on is that there shall not be a charge for imparting any of the Munay-ki rites.

2. Another rule agreed to is that the rites must be imparted live – no remote impartation is acceptable.

The “no charge” & the “must be live” are not suggestions- they are absolutes. No Munay-ki practitioner would ever question those two rules. Those 2 points are so basic, fundamental & absolute to the Munay-ki initiation process.

3. Only under extremely unusual circumstances & then only if with a medicine worker that knows how to step outside time, should the rites be given in one sitting…

This rule is in place to avoid detoxing and flu symptoms among protegees, which can happen at a very intense and unnecessary degree if the rites are given in one sitting

4. In old times with the Mayans, these 9 rites were received over a lifetime with the majority of the peoples not ever attaining all 9.

The first 8 were transmitted person to person with the 9th available only from Spirit.

It was an individualized process with each protogee being continually assessed & the rite(s) being conferred according to spirit’s timing as opposed to a man-made schedule.

5. So, done properly, your mentor will be able to assess your field (this part can be done remotely) & impart each rite at the optimum time for you.

For most of my protogees who have come in a prepared state.(.no alcohol for 24hrs, rested, meditated/prayed as usual) I find we can accomplish rites 1-4 in one sitting of just under an hour.

The remaining rites take only about 15 minutes each but are spread over days or weeks.

I find Spirit has been most gracious those that live nearby the rites are spread out over the next month & those from afar are prepared during their length of stay with me.

I have had a few protogees who came from afar with no support back at home & in those cases Spirit has allowed me to accelerate the imparting of rites to meet their travel schedule.

These rare individuals seem to be “called” to the rites, have experience in energy healing & have spent time on the website becoming informed.

6. Not technically part of the process but I find that Spirit gives me each protogees “Indian” name around the time of the 5th rite. (Mine is Laughing Water…. My last 2 protogees were gifted the names – Dancing Flame, & Smiling Sand)

7. How this differs: …These are not 9 attunements like you’d get with Reiki or other modalities. They are unlike anything you have received in the past or will receive in the future. Please look at the scanned doc for what each rite imparts.

8. FYI photographs can be snapped freely through –out & often orbs & wisps are present. Cameras ALWAYS freeze when attempting to photograph the 9th rite.

The following is taken from the Munyi-ki website. After reading it, I had some questions for Connie:

The second rite consists of protections installed in your LEF. These are known as the Bands of Power, and consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire, water, and pure light. These bands are installed in your Luminous energy field, and act as filters, breaking down into one of the five elements any negative energies that come your way so that these energies can feed you instead of making you toxic or ill. The Bands of Power are always ‘on’, and negative energies bounce right off them. In a world filled with fear, the bands provide essential protection.

Question about Second Rite:

Connie, I have lived most of my life working to embrace all of life, to walk open and clear of resistance. I have a little confusion about the first rite and wonder if you could explain it a bit? When i used to do psychic fairs, I would always see people spiritually protecting themselves all day long. it took so much energy and always seemed so fear-based.

What I liked about the above explanation is the transformation effect that allows negative energy to transmute as it enters the field. What confused me was the part about negative energies bouncing off the person who had the bands of power installed. That would seem, at least on the surface, to be contradictory to my own truth about dealing with negativity in a way that doesn’t require fighting it……maybe I am not understanding the second part of the explanation?

Are these bands of power something i’d have to think about and recharge or repair or maintain or are they more of a permanent shift in my connection with the elements that allows for the transformation of all that could drain me, through natural law?

Connie’s response:

Once you receive the bands of power ….there is about half an hours worth of after work to enforce there placement —-they’re there. No future ritual, repair, etc There is definitely no fear or fighting involved. Actually each of the rites also serves as a set of “spiritual glasses”. Shortly after receiving them you will find you understand not only the rite more fully but the physical & energetic world around you in a new & heightened way.

My response:

I believe I understand your response and what you said resonates with me.

My knowing is that what we push away or what may “bounce back from us” of a negative energetic vibration can continue it’s attempt to affect our field in a negative way or bounce away to affect someone else……whereas, if we have the energetic strength to offer transmutation then only those of lower vibration who seek that will even approach…..does that make sense? and when those energies make contact with the field of a realized being, they can transform into progressive energies.

If the bands are something that will help me see and sense better what is around me, that would be a good thing and if they further allow for energetic solidarity of my field in a way that non-progressive energies are offered transformation then that is a wonderful thing. Have I understood?

Connie’s Response:

Excellent understanding, insight & expression.

My thanks to Connie of The Light Ways for sharing this information on the Munay-ki teachings. I used to link the website but it no longer loads. Connie is a registered nurse and energy worker. Her specialty is the human energy field of auras & chakra –assessing, repairing, balancing. She is a master & practitioner of many different energy modalities.