How healthy are you?

What is your wellness rating?
Take this simple to see how healthy you really are

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Health Quiz:
Give each question a rating from 1 to 5.

Scale: 5= almost always 4= sometimes 3= undecided 2= seldom 1= almost never

How Healthy is your Spiritual Life?
Answer yes or no to each statement…I….
am comfortable with others who have a different sexual orientation than mine.
take time for spiritual growth and development.
have been challenged in my beliefs before.
make attempts to expand my awareness of different ethnic, racial, and religious groups.
am tolerant of other’s views about life issues.
am able to set personal limits in an intimate relationship.

How Healthy are you on Physical Levels?
am within 5-10 pounds of my ideal body weight. related: healthy weight loss
understand the seriousness of eating disorders.
exercise regularly (20-30 minutes 3 times per week).
know and use ways to handle stress.
am knowledgeable about birth control.
do not smoke.
sleep at least six hours per night on most nights.
do not abuse alcohol or binge drink.

How Healthy are you, Emotionally?
Answer yes or no to each statement…
am able to deal with the day-to-day pressures.
can resolve issues with family members.
can establish friendships easily.
am comfortable expressing my feelings with others.
am considerate of other people’s feelings.
take responsibility for my own behaviors.
am happy with myself.

How Healthy is your Mind?
Answer yes or no to each statement…
believe my study habits are adequate.
am able to handle my personal finances satisfactorily.
am able to effectively schedule my time.
feel capable of making important decisions.
know how to set and reach goals and objectives.
understand the value of computer knowledge.
have read a non-fiction book (not for class) in the past six months.

How Healthy is Your Social Life?

Answer yes or no to each statement…
am able to successfully confront others.
like some private time on occasion.
feel skillful in human relations.
feel secure going places where I may not know anyone.
am able to assert myself when necessary.
am able to communicate with others effectively.

How Healthy Is Your Work?
Answer yes or no to each statement…
have decided on my academic areas of study.
am aware of the limits of the earth’s natural resources.
conserve energy.
recycle trash as much as possible (paper, cans, bottles, etc.).
enjoy, appreciate, and spend time outside in natural settings.
understand the concept of ecological balance.
do not pollute the air, water, or earth if I can avoid doing so. related: non-toxic living

How to grade your answers:
Add each column (i.e., five ones = 5, six twos = 12, etc). Now add the totals together. This will be your total score on the Wellness Quiz.
Between 176-225: You are a very healthy person in all the dimensions and have a well lifestyle.
Between 125-175: You are well in some areas but could use improvement in some of the other areas. You could make some changes to take better care of yourself.
Under 125: You tend to have unhealthy habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Learn some options to make some lifestyle changes.

This wellness quiz was originally posted at the Plymouth State University but has since been removed or replaced. If the author is known, I’d be happy to credit them here.

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