Overwhelmed by Potential

It isn’t so much that we can’t create the life we want as it is an overwhelm of the body in trusting that it doesn’t have to do it all

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Why Does the Body Become Ill?

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I spoke with a good friend of mine this morning, about illness being manifested in her body and why it may have come about at this time in her life. When I speak with others, with intent to help them clarify situations in their lives, there is often a message for myself as well.

I realized that it is not lack of potential, or hopelessness, that does the body in. It is more apt to be the opposite. I am more likely to succumb to illness when I have too many choices, rather than none.

Often, when people go through trauma that clears the slate…..major shifting in direction due to loss of a central relationship, a job of emotional meaning and to which there is attachment, or loss of direction spirtually, what emerges is freedom….freedom to choose differently.

It is when this vast potential of total change is presented that the body often goes into collapse at the prospect of manifesting something totally new.

So what can we do to help the body? Well, awareness is a huge step. Just recognizing that the body thinks it must “do” something to clarify and bring about new vision and gently letting it know this isn’t true, can be very helpful.

In addition, strengthening those “being” parts of us that are energetically connected to vast, universal stores of energy is important. We do this by attending ceremony, by prayer and meditation, and by communion with people who are energetically strong and able to assist with stabilizing our faith and intent toward new manifestations.

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