Food Bourne Illness Complications

Food-Bourne Illness Complications

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Health complications that linger from food borne illness
long after you stop feeling sick

Contracting E. Coli is terrible enough but I just learned that there may be related health challenges that result from food borne illness, even years after the initial symptoms are gone.

I just read a report from Native Remedies, a company I respect, that talked about this very subject. The list of dangerous health conditions that food bourne illness can contribute to the development of is a long one and includes kidney damage, high blood pressure, arthritis, liver failure and pancreatitis.

Shockingly, some of these conditions that have been linked to food bourne illness such as E. Coli can occur 10 to 20 years after the initial infection.

Native Remedies has some suggestions:

The following information, copyright, Native Remedies:

There are a number of detoxification treatments available today. Some are homeopathic or herbal, and feature ingredients that have been used for centuries to promote the detoxification of bodily organs. Milk thistle and dandelion promote detoxification and optimal functioning of the liver.

Note from Neva: I’ve used milk thistle as a liver cleanse before and found it quite effective but it’s important to get standardized milk thistle and I try to find wildcrafted if possible.

When liver function is compromised it cannot perform the important tasks of cleansing and detoxing the blood. Other essential liver functions include aiding the body in breaking down fat, maintaining proper levels of glucose in the blood, and storing essential vitamins and minerals. Try Native Remedies Liver Dr.™ to promote natural liver health. amazon has it.

Home Detox Remedies:
Lemon juice and warm water

A tea made with fresh ginger, turmeric powder and lemon juice is also good for promoting natural detoxification.

Wheat bran which is also known as “nature’s sweeper” and ground flaxseeds are both high in fiber. They create bulk in the intestines that sweeps impurities along with it as it completes its passage through the digestive system.

Since the largest elimination organ in our body is the skin, sweating during exercise is also a great way to detox the skin and help flush out toxins.

Further recommended reading on Implications of foodborn illness

In this report by the CDC, one paragraph stood out for me:

“The most common human action that adversely affects food safety is the avoidable lack of or failure to use effective prevention and control measures. That failure is why 85% of all outbreaks are traceable, about equally, to mishandling in homes or in food service establishments.”

To me, this says we know what to do to avoid this, but we just don’t do it….I’m guilty. I’ve been preparing meat before and just didn’t wash my hands very well before eating it…..made me think.

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