GoChi Goji Berry Juice

GoChi Goji Juice – Double-Blind Scientific Study Proves Benefits!

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Important: If you are on potassium-sparing diuretics or taking a potassium supplement, are on blood thinners or under the doctors care for any known condition, also read about potential drug interactions with goji juice

This announcement courtesy of Green Barley.

Many of you have been drinking Himalayan Goji Juice for several years – now with the launch of GoChi , the power of the Goji Berry has been captured in an even more potent form. A randomized, double- blind, placebo controlled study has shown 13 positive benefits from drinking GoChi.

These include Less fatigue, improved athletic performance, increased energy, reduction of stress, feeling calmer, increased ability to focus sharper mental acuity, better quality of sleep, easier ability to wake up, feeling healthier, feeling more content, feeling happier and bowel regularity.

This Gochi product is sold through MLM distributors and I’m not one of them. Google Gochi Goji to find product.

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