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White Eagle, Visions and the Burning Bush

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White Eagle Meditation
I have walked a path of blended-tradition spirituality since I first started awakening to higher realms of consciousness in a metaphysical way, back in 1988. What that means for me is that I recognize truth in many spiritual paths and my own path is a blend of traditions. I received this question, dealing with experience that challenges our taught or learned ways of viewing Truth and it seemed to be a blended-tradition messages.

Question on Spirit: I bought a meditation cd from White Eagle and while litsening to it, I journeyed above a mountain with unfamiliar terrain and I watched as two men were carrying another from the foot of the mountain. The one being carried had snow white hair that was sticking out everywhere. All three were dressed in clothes that showed there legs and they were wearing sandals. As I journeyed above the mountain and looked down I saw a fire that was contained to one place and It was revealed to me that this was the burning bush. I have heard of the burning bush but have never been led to read about it or explore it in any way. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Healing Facilitation Response: One of the strongest knowings that has blossomed in me along my path of spiritual awakening was the sure knowledge that We Are All Related, or Mitakuye Oyasin. I know that part of the healing of the planet now, and in fact a large part, is the sharing of common experience across faith-lines and past boundaries of religion and creed.

I believe all truly Universal Spiritual stories, myths, visions, parables and preachings have common elements that transcend all the boundaries we have created that divide Truth. Your experience of The Burning Bush story in a way that was triggered by Native American frequencies is part of your path of integrating spiritual truth from two traditions.

And as each one of us takes our personal journey of integration, we also assist the planet as a whole to embrace other truth and truth in the beautiful costuming of other visionary paths.

Your experience reminds me of when I first saw Jesus hanging from the Sundance Tree. I was stunned, humbled and awed by this vision and realized that Jesus was telling me that the Native walk and path of prayer could be integrated with the Christian path without controversy or even struggle. It was so clear.

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