Premarin and Avandia Cautions

Do you take Premarin or Avandia?

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Cautions if you take premarin for menopause – increased risks prompt FDA change in labeling

I just read that the FDA has made adjustments to labeling for premarin that include warnings if you also take Avandia. Please contact your doctor immediately if you take both Avandia and Premarin because this combination can increase risk of cardiovascular problems. In fact, the FDA placed restrictions on Avandia for a time but recently reversed their Avandia restrictions.

Premarin Safety, Pfizer

Premarin Safety, 5 Expert Opinions

In this same report, the risks of taking premarin (and conjugated estrogens in general) is also covered. Premarin can increase your risk of dementia, deep vein thrombosis and stroke.

Many women choose to use natural menopause remedies to address the symptoms of menopause. If premarin risks are assessed too high in your case, you might explore the use of natural progesterone creme.

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