Conflicting Belief Systems

Are Conflicting Belief Systems Preventing Your Spiritual Progress?

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Why We Do Not Manifest our Dreams and How we Can Get Out of Our Own Way

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Yesterday, while I was waiting for an appointment, I started pondering why I have, in the past, so often failed to manifest my dreams. For whatever reason, on a sunny day while sitting in my car, I got some clarity.

I saw that there was hardly a dream of success I had ever dreamed which was not in conflict with something else I also wanted or thought I deserved. I will probably write a larger article on this subject sometime but for now would just like to put out the question for exploration….I’m asking myself this question and, if it applies, you can ask it of yourself as well.

Where do I have conflicting thoughts about success?

The answers I’ve received so far are that I have very often forgotten the Source of my abundance on this earth. Without realizing I was doing so, I began to pin my hopes on this business or that business, this work or that work, this opportunity or that. I know this is a powerful illusion in the third dimension….that my abundance comes from work, or business or opportunities. The truth is that my abundance comes from Universal Life Source Energy and can come to me in ways that my ego self, with it’s strong personality dreams and agenda, cannot even begin to imagine or create.

An additional challenge to manifesting what is for my highest and best good is the incessant whine of my mind, wanting to know how it’s going to come about. The only way I’ve found to quiet this relentless questioning, which is a sign of not trusting the universe and stems from experiences where my life was in trauma or chaos and I did not understand why, is to divert my attention.

I find something beautiful on which to gaze. It might be as simple as a red cardinal on a black roof. It might be thinking of the smile of a child that I love. It might be finding a positive song on the radio….”positive” being the operative word. What will tend to happen, by default, if I do not consciously decide to listen only to something positive, is that I will choose a song that will enforce the fear or struggle of the ego.

After I began to break free of some of my emotionally based belief systems around poverty and began to manifest a bit of financial flow, another issue arose.

I began to receive conflicting opportunites. I’d receive one that was associated with one area of my life and, at the same time and in a timing which forced a choice between the two, another would come addressing another area. For example, I might get a call for an acting audition for the same day that I had a chance to speak at a spiritual event.

When I looked at this phenomenon, I realized that I was receiving conflicting opportunities because I was sending out conflicted thoughts and energy. I had some belief system going that it had to be either / or. It doesn’t. Flow can work out the rhytym of opportunities so that I never have to choose between doing two things I want to do.

If I remember that my source is not the thing in front of me that appears to promise abundance, but the energy back of that and a million other unseen avenues through which that same abundance can manifest, then I keep myself in the flow of natural creative energy.

If I remember that I must be clear in my heart and come from the Higher Self rather than from ego-based need, then God will move in my life more rapidly than the ego could ever have anticipated.

How do I know if my desire is ego-based? If I feel restriction or a “push” inside me when I think of wanting it, it’s ego-basesd. If I can put it out to the universe, in alignment with what my Highest Self knows to be in my best interest at a soul level, and release it then, regardless of whether that particular creation manifests or not, I know that the optimal good is going to happen.

Whenever I push for a manifestation that is not in alignment with my Soul Mission and Highest Self, I will most likely run into self-installed limiting factors, designed to keep me from making a soul-level mistake. What can seem like failure is a Godly adjustment.

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