Healing After Trauma

How Do We Heal Emotional Trauma?

Healing Questions after 9/11 – Sorting out the physical issues from the emotional and mental healing concerns. Related article: Anatomy of a Healing

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Healing from Traumatic Events

Question on Healing:
I was glad to find your website. It gave me some hope.

I am writing to see if you can help me get well. There are things wrong in my body. I am in a state of dis- ease and don’t know what the problem is so I feel in the dark as to how to find the care and healing I need.

Toxic liver
40 lbs overweight
massive energy crashes
menopause no estrogen
debilitating fatigue

I was a volunteer near ground Zero 3 weeks after Sept 11 for one week. Unable to get up and move forward with my dreams. I feel paralyzed and stagnant too weak to overcome and I keep feeling lower and lower. Can you please assist me in pinpointing what is wrong and what the best protocol would be to get better?

I am not working and haven’t been to a doctor because I don’t have the money and western medicine leaves me flat. I think where I am living is making me sicker too. Thank you very much.

Healing Facilitation Response:
I can’t imagine how difficult 9/11 must have been for those in the city. It was hard enough just watching it.

I have to preface what I am about to say by advising you to seek medical testing and evaluation. I feel that medical tests are important to know exactly what is going on with your body, whether you choose to self-treat or have a doctor treat you.

I also must tell you that I am not a doctor and do not prescribe or diagnose. The information I’m about to share is for educational purposes ONLY and not intended to replace any needed medical treatment.

Having said that….here are my thoughts on your situation:

The toxic levels of heavy metals released from the literally melting trade tower structures had to be huge. I would not be at all surprised if every person within miles of it had a serious degree of heavy metal poisoning. There are tests that can determine heavy metal levels, such as hair analysis. Heavy metal cleanses are very effective for chelating out heavy metals but some care must be taken to replace minerals the body needs, which may also chelate out with the toxic heavy metals.

I have an article on my website with a lot more information on heavy metal poisioning. Even though the article deals primarily with mercury, danger exists with the accumulation of other heavy metals in the body as well.

Spiritually speaking, the liver is where we store anger. Part of your healing will depend on how well you are able to resolve feelings of unexpressed rage about 9/11. These feelings may be deep beneath the surface of the conscious mind. It’s not uncommon to suppress rage when confronted with survival. You get immersed with staying alive. Also, underneath the suppressed rage may be deeper issues of trust in a loving God, or trust in any kind of dependable reality.

I strongly recommend counseling. If you don’t have money for that, check into churches and healing centers. Also, the mental health center may have a sliding scale fee. I did this years ago when dealing with my own childhood traumas.

I would also suggest a good lung cleanse, under supervision of a qualified health care professional. The amount of toxicity breathed in on 9/11 by those who were in it, must be staggering. Cleansing the lungs would be an important consideration if I were in New York when this tragedy happened.

Though I personally received the greatest degree of my own healing through working with energetic healings and in support groups, the initial mental health counseling I received through the health department helped remove the first layer of suppression so that I could begin to heal.

Menopause is something that, just on it’s own, can turn your world upside down. The fact that you are dealing with menopause at the same time that you are dealing with recovery, both as a city and as a physical being, from the trauma of 9/11, makes me wonder how you are still functioning at all. I don’t mean that lightly. It is a testament to your strength that you continue to function at all so I applaud you for that.

Menopause alone can cause the tremendous energy crashes you feel, as well as depression, weight gain (I gained 20 pounds and they are supernaturally stubborn pounds) and fatique. I am not sure if any pcb’s were released in the burning of all that burned that day but, if so, they can affect the liver and the thyroid gland. PCB’s were banned back in the 70’s but, depending on how old the tower buildings were….I don’t know if that’s an issue or not.

You understand that, without medical tests to know whether your thyroid is over- or under-active, the degree of your liver problem and the hormonal situation with menopause, I can’t possibly suggest a natural approach. I can give you some products to review and consider, for helping the body balance and heal but strongly urge you to also see a doctor.

For menopause, I have used natural progesterone creme with good results. After about a year on that, though, I found I did better with nothing or only using natural progesterone two or three times a month. Each person is different but natural progesterone is a good option if you choose to look into self-treatment for menopausal symptoms.

Exercise is just about a dirty word to me but I’ve come to grips with the fact that, being menopausal, exercise is vital for me. When the metabolism slows down and the hormonal fluxes start, it is almost impossible to keep the weight off a menopausal woman without exercise.

What has worked for me, better than anything, is to just do “something” every day. Even if I only walk up and down my long hall a few times, it is a step toward doing more. That way, I don’t force myself into an exercise regimen that makes me miserable but I still keep some of my attention focused toward the goal of exercising.

I honestly feel that one of the best things you could do for yourself is to get yourself somewhere with cleaner air and a slower pace, even if only for a few days. If it’s possible to visit friends or family and leave the memories behind, it might be the miracle your body and emotions need.

Meditation is also vital when overwhelmed emotionally, although you may feel you lack the energy for that as well, or the faith that it will help. Just sitting still and focusing on your own breath while allowing thoughts, fears, worries and emotions to just release on the breath can begin to slow the body down and release the fight of flight response that it feels like your body has been under since 9/11.

If I look at your energetic field, it looks as if there is a black cloud around you. Not hanging over your head but around you. Walking in black fog. Does that resonate? Though the physical body definitely needs serious attention and help, stress is as big a killer as anything ingested or breathed into the body. Coping with the stress after a trauma like 9/11 is vital. Perhaps, the most important of your healing is emotional, spiritual and mental. Until those levels are addressed, the body is limited in its’ ability to fight the physical toxicity.

One Truth that can give you the hope you spoke of at the beginning of your email is that, once we act …. once we reach out for help, the Universe rushes to our aid. We then can see options and opportunity we could not see when we sat enclosed in our own pain, alone.

You have reached out. I have absolute faith that the universe can now respond to your issues directly, as long as you keep reaching out and acting on what you receive at each step of your healing journey.

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