Cosmic Orchestra Tune Up

Are you playing one note or is a cosmic symphony dancing your life?

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The One Note Song and the Cosmic Orchestra
I had a revelation while counseling with a friend of mine. We were processing a challenging event that had occurred in her life the day previous. It involved someone offering up a therapeutic session that had negative overtones about what my friend had felt was a positive shift for her.

I don’t know how this came up in the conversation but I realized that there was a resonance within her that had responded to a resonance in the other person and that the other person was only seeing one aspect of her transformative journey.

This looked to me like tunnel vision resulting in a one-note song. As if playing a solitary key on the piano, over and over, this person saw only the one-note to my friend’s incredible orchestra of Spirit Journey and Transformation….he was grief.

Because it was a true note, in other words, grief was part of her journey, she resonated with that and allowed that resonation to vibrate to the tune of grief in her. This contradicted her truth of having transformed the grief process and agreements around suffering and grief into a higher and more expansive expression of joy. The result was inner conflict and anger.

Cosmic Orchestra Response:
When I recognized this musical analogy, I got very excited because I could definitely see where I had resonated with Johnny One Note in my own life. Because I did walk through poverty, guilt, shame, pain, suffering, selfdoubt, etc., I can certainly recognize when someone is struck there. Without knowing it, I can identify with the one note so completely that it vibrationally adjusts me to one-note within myself as well.

It became clear to me that the cosmic orchestra had to be maintained while working with a Johnny One Note, or I would be of very limited and even negative assistance.

I realized that I must learn to respond from the cosmic orchestra of my own experience, regardless of the note that is offered me by anyone else. In this way, I acknowledge their truth of the moment while maintaing the rich chords, melody and harmony of fuller resonance.

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