The Munay-ki Rites

What is Munay-Ki?

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A Conversation about Munay-Ki Rites

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Munay-ki is a path of Sacred Initiation involving the impartation of Nine Sacred Rites. I read about it on a forum I belong to and contacted the person who posted the information. Her name is Connie and she offers the Munay-ki rites free of charge, in her home in Columbus, Ohio. I contacted Connie because I was interested in the path and the approach of the Munay-ki teachings. What follows is a sort of informal interview as I asked Connie questions about the Munay-ki rites and teachings.

My initial questions about Munay-ki:

Connie, thank you for emailing back about the Munay-ki rites you offer. I had a couple of questions. How do you feel this is different from the other training you have received? Do you mind sharing with me what is involved in the free impartation you offer? Not the teaching but the free part? What is involved in terms of time?

Connie’s Response:

In answer to your basic question , receiving any of the 9 rites would enhance & change the way you practice energy healing for ever.

1. One of the “rules” agreed to before receiving the 9 rites & learning how to pass them on is that there shall not be a charge for imparting any of the Munay-ki rites.

2. Another rule agreed to is that the rites must be imparted live – no remote impartation is acceptable.

The “no charge” & the “must be live” are not suggestions- they are absolutes. No Munay-ki practitioner would ever question those two rules. Those 2 points are so basic, fundamental & absolute to the Munay-ki initiation process.

3. Only under extremely unusual circumstances & then only if with a medicine worker that knows how to step outside time, should the rites be given in one sitting…

This rule is in place to avoid detoxing and flu symptoms among protegees, which can happen at a very intense and unnecessary degree if the rites are given in one sitting

4. In old times with the Mayans, these 9 rites were received over a lifetime with the majority of the peoples not ever attaining all 9.

The first 8 were transmitted person to person with the 9th available only from Spirit.

It was an individualized process with each protogee being continually assessed & the rite(s) being conferred according to spirit’s timing as opposed to a man-made schedule.

5. So, done properly, your mentor will be able to assess your field (this part can be done remotely) & impart each rite at the optimum time for you.

For most of my protogees who have come in a prepared state.(.no alcohol for 24hrs, rested, meditated/prayed as usual) I find we can accomplish rites 1-4 in one sitting of just under an hour.

The remaining rites take only about 15 minutes each but are spread over days or weeks.

I find Spirit has been most gracious those that live nearby the rites are spread out over the next month & those from afar are prepared during their length of stay with me.

I have had a few protogees who came from afar with no support back at home & in those cases Spirit has allowed me to accelerate the imparting of rites to meet their travel schedule.

These rare individuals seem to be “called” to the rites, have experience in energy healing & have spent time on the website becoming informed.

6. Not technically part of the process but I find that Spirit gives me each protogees “Indian” name around the time of the 5th rite. (Mine is Laughing Water…. My last 2 protogees were gifted the names – Dancing Flame, & Smiling Sand)

7. How this differs: …These are not 9 attunements like you’d get with Reiki or other modalities. They are unlike anything you have received in the past or will receive in the future. Please look at the scanned doc for what each rite imparts.

8. FYI photographs can be snapped freely through –out & often orbs & wisps are present. Cameras ALWAYS freeze when attempting to photograph the 9th rite.

The following is taken from the Munyi-ki website. After reading it, I had some questions for Connie:

The second rite consists of protections installed in your LEF. These are known as the Bands of Power, and consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire, water, and pure light. These bands are installed in your Luminous energy field, and act as filters, breaking down into one of the five elements any negative energies that come your way so that these energies can feed you instead of making you toxic or ill. The Bands of Power are always ‘on’, and negative energies bounce right off them. In a world filled with fear, the bands provide essential protection.

Question about Second Rite:

Connie, I have lived most of my life working to embrace all of life, to walk open and clear of resistance. I have a little confusion about the first rite and wonder if you could explain it a bit? When i used to do psychic fairs, I would always see people spiritually protecting themselves all day long. it took so much energy and always seemed so fear-based.

What I liked about the above explanation is the transformation effect that allows negative energy to transmute as it enters the field. What confused me was the part about negative energies bouncing off the person who had the bands of power installed. That would seem, at least on the surface, to be contradictory to my own truth about dealing with negativity in a way that doesn’t require fighting it……maybe I am not understanding the second part of the explanation?

Are these bands of power something i’d have to think about and recharge or repair or maintain or are they more of a permanent shift in my connection with the elements that allows for the transformation of all that could drain me, through natural law?

Connie’s response:

Once you receive the bands of power ….there is about half an hours worth of after work to enforce there placement —-they’re there. No future ritual, repair, etc There is definitely no fear or fighting involved. Actually each of the rites also serves as a set of “spiritual glasses”. Shortly after receiving them you will find you understand not only the rite more fully but the physical & energetic world around you in a new & heightened way.

My response:

I believe I understand your response and what you said resonates with me.

My knowing is that what we push away or what may “bounce back from us” of a negative energetic vibration can continue it’s attempt to affect our field in a negative way or bounce away to affect someone else……whereas, if we have the energetic strength to offer transmutation then only those of lower vibration who seek that will even approach…..does that make sense? and when those energies make contact with the field of a realized being, they can transform into progressive energies.

If the bands are something that will help me see and sense better what is around me, that would be a good thing and if they further allow for energetic solidarity of my field in a way that non-progressive energies are offered transformation then that is a wonderful thing. Have I understood?

Connie’s Response:

Excellent understanding, insight & expression.

My thanks to Connie of The Light Ways for sharing this information on the Munay-ki teachings. I used to link the website but it no longer loads. Connie is a registered nurse and energy worker. Her specialty is the human energy field of auras & chakra –assessing, repairing, balancing. She is a master & practitioner of many different energy modalities.

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