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Medicine Dreams for Resolving Personal Issues and Struggles
A Vivid and Undeniable Dreamtime Connection

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When Two People Have The Same Dream, Or Similar

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For many years, I have worked with my dreams as Medicine. I have requested guidance, observed the dreams that came after such requests and learned about how my dreamtime speaks to me of issues needing resolution in my life, areas where limiting beliefs hinder me and areas where I am ready to transform and heal. I work things out in my dreamtime. Everyone does, to some degree. The degree to which dreamtime work can be of direct help in a person’s spiritual evolution is dependent on participation and agreement, at least in my own experience with dreamtime work.

The following is an email I received from my sister. She had a dream about me and had written to tell me about her dream. She did not know that, the same night, I had a dream that was eerily similar and pointed to the same message. While not all medicine dream connections are so vivid as this one, I often find that those in my dreams interact in reality somehow. I believe it is one way we help one another, as spiritual beings.

Here is my sister’s dream:

I had a dream last night and it may be directed at me but because you were in the dream,, I am going to send you the details just in case it means something to you.

In the dream I was the healer and you were the one hurting. In the dream you had a little girl and she died for some reason and you were not able to let go of the grief and move on. You were just in excruciating pain and I was there and there was some other “healer” who was faceless who was doing a really lousy job.

I was quiet but then I reached over and touched your head and said ‘do you want me to help you’ and you said yes. I then began to do ‘healer’ like things pressing your back in different places and telling you “You are going to get a big poster, that says in big letters “Let it Go”, and you are going to paste on the wall of your bedroom where you see it as soon as you wake. You are going to get cards and write on them “Let it Go” and you are going to put them everywhere, in your purse, in your car, in your billfold, everywhere…. It is ok to Let it go…. Let it go.

I remember this dream in more detail than anything I have every dreamed.
It has to mean something. I am going to really look at it for myself but wanted you to have it too a) in case your dream studies tell you more about it’s meaning and b) because you are in it and it might be for you somehow.

Here’s the dream I had the same night my sister had the dream you just read, and my response to sis about the two dreams and their Medicine:

Last night i dreamed of a little baby. She was too small to even be real but she was real.
I had her on a dresser and somehow she fell behind it. I was horrified and got her out. she seemed to be ok. Then, it happened again.

After that, I left her in the care of another “healer” and that healer had her in a car and was
trying to get in the back seat and the front seat slammed down on her.

When i got there…she looked really dead. I was so upset with the healer but also at myself
for having let her drop behind the dresser twice.

This next session requires a bit of explanation. I think the reason my sister and I connected this way had to do, in part, with reactions I had over a recent visit. She was helping me type some listings for my websites and, in return, I was helping her develop her idea for a blog of her own. At times, I felt my advice (based on a decade of working online vs. her never having tried it much at all) was being ignored.

Continuing with my email to my sister:
I was angry at you yesterday because you got reciprocity nation dot com even after I said I thought it was too hard to spell and wouldn’t be a good choice. I took it personally and though you just didn’t listen to me at all. This happened again with another person in my life at that same time. I was talking but they weren’t listening at all, I felt. This is an issue through my whole life, to be heard and to have what I say respected. And yes, oh God yes, I do need to let it go.

I remember something Terry Cole said on one of her tapes (she’s a christian motivational speaker) …..

She said something about what others think about her being none of her business. Others have tried to teach me that lesson too and now, you are my teacher.

Thank you for sharing this dream with me. I most definitely know it was about me and also about you…here’s the thing, and I say this with deepest humility….People don’t come here, to this space, without it opening their spiritual gifts. That’s who I am. Medicine Dreaming is a spiritual gift.

On a very broad scale, the dream is for both of us because we must continually let the death of old dreams (in many ways, really our babies) go constantly to be able to see and act on the new ones. I’ve been trying too hard to take care of babies that are too small to be real….dreams to small to be real.

Then, I’ve compounded the issue by entrusting those fragile and tiny dream babies to others and expecting them to nurture me with respect, approval and the “listening to” that I desire.

Time to let that all go.

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