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Cinnamon for high blood sugar – type of cinnamon used is vital to success

I remember reading about cinnamon for lowering triglycerides and helping to lower blood sugar levels, maybe even a few years ago. I’ve also read about using this spice to help with weight loss. However, I just read that there are different types of cinnamon and that the type you need to be using for these medicinal properties is NOT the type that ends with the word “cassia”.

There are apparently compounds in the cassia form of cinnamon that, if taken longterm, might interfere with blood thinners like coumadin and also have toxic properties.

Other types of cinnamon include the wild cinnamon that grows in Japan, called Cinnamomum inners and Saigon Cinnamon.

The type of cinnamon that is suggested for use to help with blood sugar levels, and the type of cinnamon considered “true cinnamon” is Cinnamomum Zeylanicum.

more information about the medicinal properties and uses of cinnamon

Cinnamomum zeylanicum is considered superior to Cinnamomum cassia and I assume that’s why it is called “true cinnamon”. However, I found reference in a couple of other resources that listed “true cinnamon as Cinnamonum verum. For example, NOW brand cinnamon is listed as containing the “true cinnamon” Cinnamonum verum.

I surmise from what I’ve read so far that as long as it is one of those two types, it’s superior to the use of Cinnamomum cassia and safer for use as a medicinal spice.

You should always check with your doctor before adding new products to your health care regime, whether those products are natural, over the counter or prescription. It’s vital to rule out drug interactions with herbs, such as that which could occur with the cassia brand and blood thinners like coumadin, as well as just to get your doctor’s input on your choices.

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2 thoughts on “Cinnamon for high blood sugar

  1. I’ve read that studies have shown that cinnamon, taken in the proper dosages, along with supportive nutrients which help the cinnamon do a better job, can help people with Type 2 diabetes who are trying to control blood sugars through diet and exercise.

  2. I’ve read up a little on cinammon for helping control blood sugar and it does have some merit in that regard.

    However, always important to note that anyone taking medications for type 2 diabetes, on insulin, or under a doctors care for the condition, should always check with their doctor before adding cinnamon.

    Also, some people are allergic to cinnamon. Common allergic reactions can actually be life-threatening because they include the throat swelling and closing up or tongue swelling. On the skin, in allergic individuals, cinnamon can cause contact dermatitis.

    Here lately, I’ve come across another potential side effect to cinamon, when I linked it to my own heart palpitations. If you are taking a product containing cinamon and begin to notice heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat shortly after, the cinamon could be a link.

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