Changing horses in mid-life stream

Changing horses in mid-life stream

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What would you do, if you didn’t do what you are doing now?

There are things I love about the internet.

I love being able to connect with people from all around the world.

I love being able to share health information and spiritual information that has helped me and that I hope will help others as well.

I love being able to find directions to any place I need to go and information on any subject about which I need to know more.

Those are my personal internet joys. Where I am getting bogged down and burned out, however, is in the endless process of also running an
internet business and trying to secure organic search in an environment where massive budgets are needed before even moderate success is typically experienced online.

The “business” end of working online, and in particular the incredibly and increasingly complicated search engine rules and spammy site competition, over the past 10 years has taken a toll on the pleasure and fulfillment I get from sharing and connecting.

I’ve began to feel that my soul may be calling me in a different direction now.

Trouble is….
What do I do if I don’t do what I am doing now?

After hours of tedious submissions to directories this morning….directories that may take months to even review my submission and, then, may still reject the site, I pondered why I’m still choosing to create
income with an online business.

Given the amount of income versus the time I spend each day doing what feels like the most tedious work in the world….promotion and website optimization… is an even better question to be asking myself.

What does my soul most want to do,
with the hours of tomorrow…the rest of
today….the rest of my tomorrows?

I am getting a clear idea that the answer may not be:

Sit at a computer all day long and type

But what do I do, if I don’t do what I’m doing now?

I had a project manager at a previous job, decades ago, say to me that the hardest thing to do is change what you’re doing now.

That sentence kind of seared itself into my mind then but I didn’t know how to change what I was doing then. I have learned to change many things in my life and yet, still find myself back at that place of familiar vs. the unknown.

If I woke up tomorrow and did not go online, what would I do with my day?

More important, vastly more important, is my second question:

What does my soul find joyful to do that would also create abundance and prosperity in my life?

Joyful employment….sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it?

Eckhart Tolle asks it this way:

What does my soul most want to birth?

A joyful birth…sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it?

Oh, sure, it’s joyful when it’s over but during?

So, I am here in labor this morning, or beginning to feel the first pangs of labor.

What do you do if you don’t do what you are doing now?

It appears the first step to my answer is to ask the question. This I have done.

Risk of Infection

Why I Consider Surgery A Last Resort Related article: preparing for surgery

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Sometimes, surgery is unavoidable. When illness has manifested on the physical level to the degree that death is imminent, surgery can offer a reprieve. Other times, as in the case of broken bones or injury through accident, surgery can stop internal bleeding or set the body back into alignment.

However, I consider surgery a last resort for one reason…..there is a risk of infection ANY TIME the skin is broken. There are no qualifications to that statement. Ask your doctor. The skin is nature’s way of protecting all that is inside us from infection. Any time the skin is broken, risk of infection unavoidably increases.

This is also why I don’t see myself ever agreeing to “exploratory surgery” or “elective surgery”.

This is absolutely my own decision, based on my own paradigm. It is not represented as replacement for any surgery you feel you need. What I am saying is that you should be well aware that any decision to open your skin exposes you to greater risk of infection so greater consideration should be taken. Strong conversation with your doctor is just common sense. Weighing the risks against potential benefits is good.

Taking extra precaution before any surgery you and your doctor deem absolutely necessary can reduce your risk of infection. Learn how to reduce your risk of infection before, during and after surgery, so that you have the best odds for a rapid and complete recovery.

The Mega Way Workshops

Organic Foods Mega Way Workshop, energy medicine facilitation

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When I was in Los Angeles, I took a couple of comedy improv classes with a fella named Paul Ryan. He sends out emails every once in a while about events in the area. Just got one from Paul about an event I’d probably attend if I were in the area. It’s called “The Mega Way”.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and have an interest in organic food preparation, energy medicine healing or spiritual aspects of creating wellness, you might want to call for more info on these workshops.

Here is what the Mega Way folks say about their services:
We are a team of holistic, spiritual health professionals and organic chefs, who truly care about YOUR well being and are here to guide you towards the GREAT HEALTH you’ve always desired!

Visit The Mega Way Website or Call 310-623-4444 for more details!!

5% of all sales go to The Love Foundation for a greener earth
5% of all sales go to The Children’s Worlswide Foundation

Amusing side note:

It’s fascinating to me how quickly people dismiss what they may find unfamiliar. If there is no familiar concept involved, this type of event gets labeled “wacky” or “quackery”.

Of course, there are events that deserve that label but what shocks me is how easy it is just to dismiss something you don’t know about.

There is a listing on craigslist, where you can read the entire ad that I also received.

The entire tone of the poster, in my opinion, is of someone who had a kneejerk reaction to something unfamiliar.

From the way they started the post, talking about a “wacky” actress, I wonder how much of the response was triggered by preconcieved notions about acting and actors in general and how much is about the content of the press release itself.

Of course, this poster and myself share some similar concerns about scientology. My concerns are based on actual experience with scientology. I read the main book on it. I went to the scientology headquarters and sensed what was there in person before saying anything yeah or nay about it. I talked to defecters from scientology, more than one, and got their side of the story.

I am not sure what this poster’s concerns are based on but, again, the comment about scientology is a little suspect to me because of the poster’s obvious distain for the actress who sent the email in the first place.

However, in the interest of fairness, here’s another view on The Mega Way.

My organic foods favorites