Understanding Empathic Connections

Understanding Empathic Connections – Learning how much of what you really feel is really yours

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Feeling the feelings of those around you – challenges of empathy

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It’s not a new concept to those on a path of spiritual awakening that we can feel the pain, suffering and struggle of others, and in particular, those closest to us.

Anyone who works as a healing facilitator has experienced this “tapping in” to the gridline of others either by way of energetic transfer that is felt in the body, psychic overlay that affects thinking or emotions, or just in a sudden intuitive resonance with others.

The day my brother had a heart attack, I was sitting at the table in my own home at the time, about 5 hours away. Suddenly, I gripped my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. When this bizarre experience occurred, at exactly the same time, my brother was having a heart attack. I didn’t find this out til a few hours later. Understanding empathic connections such as these are part of the path of empowerment, self-realization and awakening.

Speaking of gridlines in general, any time I participate in global prayer or events such as firing the grid, I have struggled with these concepts and ideas.

I have learned it’s important to bring my highest vibration to the table rather than joining in to a collective consciousness around that event. I am saying that any preconceived notion about what a gathering of like souls is really about rather limits the actual experience, in my awareness. If I participate at the joyful level of showing up…..and being rather than doing anything specific, I am able to support more fully and more effectively.

As I have become more and more spiritually conscious, and increasingly so at each new level of consciousness I reach, I begin to understand how challenging it is to determine when I am feeling something that is mine and when I’m experiencing the experience of another. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should view any sudden and inexplicable feeling as potentially coming from someone close to me.

Psychic Emotional Empathy as a signal of vibrational density:
Before I healed a lot of my own issues, this was typically a signal that something within me had been triggered by the struggle of someone close to me. In other words, it hit me hard because it also slapped up against my own vibrational density.

In fact, this was so consistently true that I came to the conclusion that it was always true …. that I drew certain experience and emotion to me because there was still that in me that also needed healing.

This was both true and in error.

It was true because, at the level of consciousness I embodied, it WAS almost always happening because I had a similar vibration within me. It was in error because, at a certain point in my spiritual development, it did not always happen because there was a vibrational match; sometimes, it happened to get my attention and to make me aware of what was going on with the other person.

At other times, it would have to do with me having made a vibrational shift that suddenly made those around me (with whom I had partnered in the old vibrational paradigm) disturbed and wanting to pull my vibration back to where it had been previously.

Caroline Myss speaks of leaving the tribe gridline ….. I have acute awareness that any time I make a major leap in consciousness away from the survival, co-dependent and tribal agreements we all made at one time, the inevitable result is that someone still in that gridline and heavily investing in protecting it, will freak out.

I will energetically feel the impact of their freaking out and it is my job to balance within that and to remember that I have left that vibration and this is just the natural response from the tribe to keep things as they have been in the soul-group unit.

Understanding empathic connections within my soul-group frees me, as does accepting and totally embracing the Sovereign Mastery of every soul with whom I have connection in this lifetime.

Now, more and more, there is less density in my vibratory field so these experiences are typically not so intense as they used to be.

Regardless of level of intensity, it is important for me to remember Who I AM and to immediately anchor to that rather than identify too closely with any sudden, intense emotion or physical pain.

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