Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA

Antibiotic-resistant MRSA – Preventing Staph Infections

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Antibiotic Resistant Staph Infections:

They shouda seen it coming….well, they did see it coming, as far back as 1960. I’m referring to the superflu called MRSA, which results in life-threatening illness that is exceedingly hard to heal. In fact, some are struggling with MRSA who have been battling this type of infection
for years with only limited success.

The holistic health community has been screaming about antibiotic-resistant dangers for decades. I remember hearing this at least 25 years ago, in holistic health workshops and now, it appears to be a prediction that has come true.

I watched Dr. Phil today and heard some things that shocked me. The doctor on the show said that the Staph aureus bacteria was already becoming penicillin-resistant in 1960. They should have seen this coming but what happened instead was that they just created new antibiotics. When those stopped working, they created yet more new antibotics and so it has gone til now, where there are instances of MRSA that no known antibiotic or combination of existing antibiotics can touch.

I was also shocked to hear this doctor say that one in three people in Dr. Phil’s audience had staph aureus on their body and one in four had it in their nose. This got me thinking….

I’ve always been a stickler about sanitizing my hands before going into hospital rooms to visit sick relatives. I drive my family crazy by insisting that everyone do this before touching the person who is sick. I now realize that it would also be a great idea to spray saline in my nose before going in.

Additionally, should I ever find myself in a hospital and having surgery, I will gargle with antibacterial mouthwash, shower in antibacterial soap and spray saline in my nose before the surgery.

Yet another shock was when I heard the doctor say that 85 percent of all MRSA happens in a hospital. I appreciated Dr. Phil really pushing that issue by asking whether stiffer protocols in hospitals to reduce instances of staph infection.

And the final shocker was another doctor on the show, talking about a little girl who had contracted staph infection after an injury to her hand. He said that they had to use a very potent combination of antibiotics to stop it….that’s on a baby. If super-antibiotics are already the
treatment of choice….how long will it be before nothing we have touches staph anymore?

The focus, in my mind, must be prevention, rather than just treating it the way we always have because, folks, it ain’t working. The antibiotics are NOT working.

How do you you know you have MRSA? Well, a good clue is noticing a bump, red spot, sore or pimple after surgery or injury, particularly if you finish the antibiotics and the problem comes back.

Unfortunately, MRSA doesn’t usually start severe and can be dismissed at the earliest stage. It may show up like a pimple or a spider bite. The exception is when a person with an already compromised immune system contracts antibiotic-resistant MRSA. In those cases, the situation may turn life-threatening in hours.

If you want more info on MRSA, I think Dr. Phil offers transcripts and that show would be a good one to have. more information on antibiotic-resistant MRSA

2 thoughts on “Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA

  1. This is the scariest one and so deadly thanks for the good info you posted so that we can all educate ourseleves

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  2. MRSA can be scary and yet, I believe it also presents an opportunity to find out exactly how powerful nature really is too. When there are no other options left, it may be that medicine will be forced to turn to natural antibiotics again and away from the overprescribing of antibiotics that has, in part, led to this situation to begin with.

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