Herbal Teas at Work

The Five Procedures to Make Tea In Your Office

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Tea-Making Tips:
This information courtesy of Emperor’s Herbologist

Do you love herbal tea? I do. My personal favorites are peppermint tea, ginger tea and lemon balm tea. What are your favorite herbal teas? Whatever they are, get the most of out of your herbal teas with these tea-making tips.

First — the quantity of tea put
into each cup depends on the
size of the tea leaf. For example,
if the tea leaf is very small
compared to normal tea, you
should add more of the small

Second — Wash the tea.
Normally the first cup is only used to
warm up the tea cup and wash the tea.
So you pour a hot cup of tea, swish it
around the tea cup a bit, and then pour
the water (tea) out, leaving the tea
leaves in the cup.

If you think it’s a waste to do this,
it is not harmful to drink
the first cup.

Third — When the tea leaves open,
you can start to drink the tea.

Fourth — when you add more water in
(a second or third etc., cup), each time
you should let the water in the cup sit 30
seconds more.

So if the first cup steeped
for 1 minute, the second cup would steep
for 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you made
a third cup, add another 30 seconds.

Fifth — When you don’t taste tea…
it’s time to dump the tea leaves and
replace them with fresh leaves.

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