Fasting and Detoxing your Body

Fasting and Detoxing Questions – Candida and IBS concerns when detoxing your body, taking fiber and juice fasting – How to detox while fasting
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on Detoxing and Fasting:

I am currently trying to juice fast but am not succeeding and keep breaking my fast. I think it is because I have not found a way to help eliminate toxins.

I have been trying to fast on and off for about a month and only really succeeded a true juice fast for about 3 days. My goal is ten days and then I want to do a 30 day fast if I can. However I am having great difficulty.

I have tried enemas with some success sometimes but also side effects of bloating afterwards. I have also tried laxatives but they seem to only work on me when I have eaten. I have also tried prune and apple juice but they gave me major gas! I even tried Physllium husk with mixed results – good and bad. Overall now I am very confused and not sure how to help detox while doing my fast.

I think overall the enemas helped me the most but I am still nervous about doing them. I had a colonic done by a holistic practitioner a few weeks ago and was looking for advice but she did not believe in fasting.

I am not aware of any kidney, liver or colon problems. I have had problems with regularity- constipation and diarrhea .. maybe IBS I think I also have candida. If you have any other suggestions to help me remove toxic stuff while doing my fast that would be great!

Healing Facilitaion Response:

I don’t normally suggest that people fast and detox at the same time. It can be a bit intense. I usually suggest that people explore the potential of specific detoxing of any known areas of congestion, such as candida which you mentioned, before fasting. Also, a juice fast is like hitting the Mother Lode for candida. Yeast thrives on sugar.

If I suspected that I had candida, my first course of action would probably be a candida-specific remedy or cleanse. I can suggest some good ones if you wish and also you may want to read these articles on the subject:

Yeast infection symptoms and remedies


About Candida

Another caution I typically give concerns fiber. Fiber is vital for normal colon function yet can make conditions like IBS, constipation and colon congestion worse if taken without adequate water and if taken while the colon is already impacted with old waste.

Normally, I assure that my colon is functioning healthy, which is evidenced by having two or more bowel movements per day consisting of softly formed and light-brown colored stool. If that isn’t the case, then I typically use a good colon cleanse (which is different than a laxative) until I see that I am having fairly normal bowel movements. Then, I might add more fiber in the way of fiber supplements.

You also should be careful if you suspect IBS. Anyone with a known or suspected bowel problem needs to get their doctor in on these decisions. In general, I would take detoxing the body, and particularly the colon, a lot more slowly if I had any type of bowel condition.

I know how frustrating it can be to figure out the best way to detox. I have about two dozen articles on detoxing your body on my site because I have done so much searching on the subject myself. It will be helpful for you to read those articles.

Detox Your Lifestyle Too!

Detoxing your body is good; yet, without lifestyle changes that support health, it is a temporary measure. Lifestyle habits that encourage toxic build up include eating fast foods, eating white flour products, not drinking enough water, eating too much red meat, not exercising enough and getting poor sleep.

However, by far the biggest lifestyle habit that encourages toxicity build up in what is designed to be a toxin-filtering machine is stress. No one lives without it but it is the people who learn to diffuse stress overload that stay the healthiest. There are many tools for reducing stress and it can take time to find the ones that work best for you. It is time very well-spent.

Some of the stress reduction tools that work for me include meditation, dancing, walking, singing, painting, laughing (watching kids play or watching a good comedy are great laugh makers for me), being in nature, taking a hot shower or sea salt bath, reminding myself daily that I am having experiences that only become good or bad if I label them that, and reminding myself that I am not alone….I am part of a vast and loving Universal Lifesource Energy that wants me to be happy.

Detoxing your emotions, thinking, behaviors and habits can be every bit as important to cleansing as detoxing your body….in fact, I believe clear thinking, positive behaviors and emotional health form the foundation upon which our bodies can most easily build and maintain health.

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