Living by Default

Living by Default – The Frequency of Resisting Change and Transformation

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I woke this morning with nothing planned….
Not that planning is the answer….
I woke this morning with no new thing entertained….
That would be a different kind of plan.

So….my day has unfolded by default
When I go to sleep at night
With no choices about exploring new levels tomorrow,
I default to yesterday’s reality
And create it again.

I choose, today, to change that paradigm.
I choose, right now, to choose differently
In areas where past choices have manifested
Less than joy and creative fulfillment.

I choose to create a life
Led by conscious, consistent opening to potential
For greater joy, peace, harmony, fun and creative expression.

After all, I already lived every second of yesterday.
What need is there to live it again today?

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