The Frequency of Joy

The Spiritual Frequency of Being

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What if we have it backwards?
I’ve worked diligently, as a spiritually aware being, to release limited thinking, shift non-progressive behaviors, learn more about the I AM that I am, and spiritually evolved. I have faced personal demons and lived through dark nights of the soul.

After a while, it all gets to be just more spiritual work, doesn’t it? After a while, I wonder if it isn’t backwards down here on earth, like a negative is the opposite of a real picture….

What if the highest work we can do is to be. And what if the highest spiritual frequency any of us can be is joy? And what if the highest expression of joy is fun?

I am aware that I sound like an old hippy with the “if it feels good, do it” chant….it’s that and it’s not that at all.

It isn’t about doing, this joy life I’m glimpsing with the help of a friend of mine who is swimming in that river…..being in the frequency of joy as a spiritual discipline sounds like a paradox….yet, it sings to me of Truth with a big T.

Maybe our “spiritual work” is really to play as much as we can…..

I have the same bills to pay that you do, you who are reading this. I know how the mind argues with this idea of playing our way to abundance and manifesting all that we desire.

The mind has been running the show for a long time now and it’s time for a performance evaluation. Letting logic run my life has manifested somethig different than the reality I want so I’m willing to give fun a chance, to give playing and joy a chance.

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