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When I was in Los Angeles, I took a couple of comedy improv classes with a fella named Paul Ryan. He sends out emails every once in a while about events in the area. Just got one from Paul about an event I’d probably attend if I were in the area. It’s called “The Mega Way”.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and have an interest in organic food preparation, energy medicine healing or spiritual aspects of creating wellness, you might want to call for more info on these workshops.

Here is what the Mega Way folks say about their services:
We are a team of holistic, spiritual health professionals and organic chefs, who truly care about YOUR well being and are here to guide you towards the GREAT HEALTH you’ve always desired!

Visit The Mega Way Website or Call 310-623-4444 for more details!!

5% of all sales go to The Love Foundation for a greener earth
5% of all sales go to The Children’s Worlswide Foundation

Amusing side note:

It’s fascinating to me how quickly people dismiss what they may find unfamiliar. If there is no familiar concept involved, this type of event gets labeled “wacky” or “quackery”.

Of course, there are events that deserve that label but what shocks me is how easy it is just to dismiss something you don’t know about.

There is a listing on craigslist, where you can read the entire ad that I also received.

The entire tone of the poster, in my opinion, is of someone who had a kneejerk reaction to something unfamiliar.

From the way they started the post, talking about a “wacky” actress, I wonder how much of the response was triggered by preconcieved notions about acting and actors in general and how much is about the content of the press release itself.

Of course, this poster and myself share some similar concerns about scientology. My concerns are based on actual experience with scientology. I read the main book on it. I went to the scientology headquarters and sensed what was there in person before saying anything yeah or nay about it. I talked to defecters from scientology, more than one, and got their side of the story.

I am not sure what this poster’s concerns are based on but, again, the comment about scientology is a little suspect to me because of the poster’s obvious distain for the actress who sent the email in the first place.

However, in the interest of fairness, here’s another view on The Mega Way.

My organic foods favorites

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