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Avoiding Infection When Having Surgery
Sometimes, surgery is unavoidable. When illness has manifested on the physical level to the degree that death is imminent, surgery can offer a reprieve. Other times, as in the case of broken bones or injury through accident, surgery can stop internal bleeding or set the body back into alignment.

However, I consider surgery a last resort for one reason…..there is a risk of infection ANY TIME the skin is broken. There are no qualifications to that statement. Ask your doctor. The skin is nature’s way of protecting all that is inside us from infection. Any time the skin is broken, risk of infection unavoidably increases.

This is also why I don’t see myself ever agreeing to “exploratory surgery” or “elective surgery”. I’ve learned never to say never but I’d need a lot of convincing to let a doctor just go in to see what was there.

This is absolutely my own decision, based on my own paradigm. It is not represented as replacement for any surgery you feel you need. What I am saying is that you should be well aware that any decision to open your skin exposes you to greater risk of infection so greater consideration should be taken. Strong conversation with your doctor is just common sense. Weighing the risks against potential benefits is good.

Just being in a hospital increases your risk of contracting an infection. Last statistics I read, over 600,00 people contract infections while in the hospital every year. Of those, 75,000 die from hospital acquired infections. I’m not sharing these statistics to scare anyone but to arm those going into the hospital with some preventative information.

Taking extra precaution before any surgery you and your doctor deem absolutely necessary can reduce your risk of infection. Learn how to reduce your risk of infection before, during and after surgery, so that you have the best odds for a rapid and complete recovery.

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