How to choose a psychic reader

Searching for a psychic …. how to know which psychic to choose.

Spiritual Guidance comes in many forms

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Question on Psychic Readings:
I have been searching for a psychic and I wanted to know if you could point me in the right direction. I was thinking about calling (name of psychic deleted for privacy) but I cannot find any outside reviews are information on her. I read the article how to get a good psychic reading but I didn’t see any links are recommendations. Please reply if you know any.

Spiritual Facilitation Response:
My advice would be to spend some time in meditation, considering why you really need a psychic. The reasons you have for seeking spiritual guidance will tend to draw a certain type of reader. If you want someone to tell you what you need to hear, that’s the level of psychic you will tend to draw. On the other hand, if you want someone who will tell you the truth, and you are willing to hear it, you will attract a different reader.

Getting clear within yourself as to what you seek in a psychic reading, or any other type of spiritual guidance, is a good first step. Be honest with yourself and if it feels like you are just needing someone to comfort you, by telling you what you need to hear, it might be good to release that desire and replace it with spiritual surrender to hearing what is best for you to hear, even if it flies in the face of your desire at the moment.

Then you can spend time on the website of psychics you are drawn to. The psychic reader you asked me about has a lot of info about herself on the site so she is providing a lot of her vibration right there online for you.

As an example, when I read her comment that she provides answers, not more questions, that did not resonate with me specifically. I want a psychic who will ask the right questions, so that I can know myself better and begin to understand what I need to do myself, rather than giving me all my answers. In my awareness, answers that are given to me are not “my” answers but answers that are given to me. That’s just me and how I feel. You need to read with the same discernment as you peruse her website and see if all that she says resonates with your Spirit.

As you visit the webpages of psychic readers, read what each psychic about their readings and notice how your body feels. If you feel at ease and comfortable, then you could take the next step of direct contact. Write and ask them if they would mind answering any questions you might have about the way they do their readings. Again, when you receive their responses, notice your body. Are you still feeling at ease with them?

If so, then the next step might be to consider a reading.

I don’t normally give recommendations because each person has specific reasons for getting a reading and not everyone will be drawn to or resonate with any particular psychic. One that might work well for me could be unsatisfactory for someone at a different vibratory level than myself.

A good rule of thumb is that if you feel pressured or stressed when thinking of getting a reading, you may need to take more time with yourself first, to see what it is you really need, before committing to one. Otherwise, the reading may just contribute to confusion within.

2 thoughts on “How to choose a psychic reader

  1. can you provide more stuff that helps to choose the right psychic for me, like (ad link deleted)?

  2. I’d suggest reading the additional articles I linked in the post:

    How to tell if a psychic is genuine:

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    Basically, I’ve discovered that the more clear a person is about why they want a reading in the first place, the more apt they are to be attracted to a psychic that can fill that need.

    In other words, if you just get a reading because it looks like it might be fun, then you probably will end up with a psychic who makes the reading “fun” by giving all these neat little personality predictions….picks up that you love avocados or that you like wearing red underwear….etc. Just fun stuff but maybe not much depth.

    If you take the time to meditate and get clear on what you are willing to hear, you will be more likely to be drawn to a reader that will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear or what might be considered fun to hear.

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