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Update, 2018:
The Claim Your Power offer has ended but they are still offering a free copy of As a Man Thinketh
Claim Your Power

I got an invitation to promote a program called Claim Your Power. Actually, it’s a success seminar that happens once a year. I respect the people involved and, as part of deciding whether to share information on this, I visited the freebie page that they offer.

Wow. The inspirational mp3s they offer there from last year’s seminar were so good that I listened to 2 and 1/2 hours of them in one sitting. I just wanted to listen to all of them and am going back to do so.

These are talks from people who not only have manifested wealth and success but have a strong degree of realization that wealth without Spirit is dead. Having an inspiring life purpose makes creating wealth more of a blessing than it could ever be without that.

I invite you to register to receive access to 10 hours of motivational and inspiring talks from some of the most amazing speakers today.

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