Liberation from Mourning

Liberation from Mourning

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True Compassion vs. Grief

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I used to mourn, A LOT.

I mourned those who seemed stuck in destructive patterns and limiting belief systems.

I mourned my own years, seeming wasted, stuck in some of the same destructive patterns and limiting belief systems I mourned in others.

I mourned nations, stuck in the same destructive patterns and limiting belief systems in collective consciousness that were so damaging on an individual basis.

This morning, I broke that pattern.

I blasted through the illusion that mourning means I care. It just means that I’ve made a judgment about a person or a situation from my own perspective, and judged it bad; judged it sad.

What right have I to judge any other person’s choices and experience?

For all I know, that person who is suffering in the hospital bed, may be walking through the only challenge that will wake their soul to it’s ultimate purpose for this lifetime.

Perhaps that person I wish so to change, so to see as “happy”, most face exactly the challenges they are facing, in order to remember what happiness is for them.

I see that I have confused compassion with grief.

They are so different.

Mourning mires me in the same vibation of the thing I mourn. What good can come of being so mired?

I break free this morning and recognize the face of true compassion.

True compassions says

I see you

I honor your path

I support you

I accept you as Sovereign Master of your own Soul

I release judgment and manipulation

I release my need to change you

Does this mean I do not feel when those I love feel pain? On the contrary. I just stopped
judging it good or bad, or something to be mourned. I stopped judging it, period.

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