Constipation from traveling

Constipation from Traveling
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by Neva J. Howell

Constipation while traveling – Big problem

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Having just gotten back from a week-long vacation involving an 8-hour drive to and from, and dealing with constipation from traveling, it felt like the perfect time to list common natural constipation remedies.

I’ve had to call on just about all of them this time!

I tend toward constipation from traveling. I know this about myself yet the excitement of vacation kind of overrides my awareness of taking better care of myself on the road so I end up driving too long without a break, not drinking enough water, etc.

Add to this the stress of driving and having to drive in torrential downpours at times and you can imagine my back was as tense as a two-by-four. Not exactly the recipe for smooth elimination. Did I stop and rest, as a sensible person might do? Nope, I wanted to get home so I kept driving for hours after my back began to hurt.

As a result of my own stubbornness, I had a worse than typical eliminatory challenge after returning home. In the process of working through my own self-induced health challenge, maybe there is something here that can help others coping with chronic or stubborn constipation after a long trip or vacation.

Constipation from Traveling Remedies:

Warm water with lemon
Kombucha Tea or Extract
Magnesium (Natural Calm is best)
1,000 – 2,000 mg Vitamin C
Foot Reflexology
Tracing the large intestine meridian
re: Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine
Alkaline Water
Natural Laxatives
Natural Stool Softeners (Flax Seed Oil is a good one. Walmart carried organic flax oil capsules)
Emotional Release Work
Gentle Stretching
Foregoing meat, sugar and refined flour products
Colloidal Minerals (B.E.S.T. brand in particular)
Green Tea
(I’d never heard of that one. My sister suggested it)
Aloe Vera Juice
(I use organic aloe vera juice which Walmart also carries, and drink 8 ounces twice a day or more) Note there are potential side effects with aloe vera
Activated Charcoal (for trapped gas or gas pockets)
Cautions: Activated charcoal can chelate out medications so wait at least two hours after taking any prescription meds before taking it. Also, I’ve never experienced this but a friend of mine said that using activated charcoal dried out her stools so using a stool softener two hours before might be a good idea and, of course, you should drink a full glass of water with activated charcoal.

Additional Information:

In urgent situations, an organic coffee enema has also prompted a bowel movement for me.

If you tend toward constipation from traveling, try drinking more water all along the trip as well as taking a stool softener and laxative. Time the taking of these, of course, so that they will not act while you are on the road but after you have arrived at your destination. Also, getting out of the car every few hours, stretching and walking around, helps immeasurably.

For more detailed info on any of these ideas to head off constipation from traveling or relieve constipation after traveling, just post a question as reply.

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Update: In reviewing this post today, I realized I had left off Milk of Magnesia. I didn’t try it either, during all this nightmare of constipation. Odd thing, that. Anyway, MOM – oh, wait. MOM. She was with me on the trip. Part of the reason I was frustrated, which led to my consitipation. Mom smokes and had to smoke every time we stopped. Too funny. I left out Mom from the solutions.

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