How to Fulfill Your Mission In Life

How to fulfill your spiritual mission in life

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How Changing Your Language Can Change Your Life

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A large portion of focus, when I used to work with people in private healing sessions or during spiritual retreats, was a focus on language, the frequency of words, and how our habitual ways of speaking can keep us in ways of living that do not serve our highest good.

We create language frequency at times in our lives when we feel vulnerable or uncertain. “No” and “not” have very powerful frequencies and, at certain times, can be easier for us to get behind than “yes”.

However, as we grow into spiritual awareness, heal the past, and become more strong as spiritual beings, we understand that “Yes” is the more powerful frequency of the three. Yet, many do not know how to shift from declaring what they don’t want to focusing on what they choose. Here is how the process works for me:

Getting the “not’s out

When I focus on “no” or “not” I give power to the situations, experiences, feelings and events I would not consciously choose for my life. related article: the power of yes

When I focus on “yes, I automatically rule out the negatives of anything that is other than yes….anything that would not serve the yes I have prayed. It is a prayer for me, yes.

Sai Maa calls yes “a very powerful mantra”.

Instead of “I am NOT going to be sick” I focus on “I choose health”. Within that statement,

When speaking in the positive or even just staying in a consistent, positive connection to source, all of the “not’s and “no’s” are diffused of focus and energy. Without energy to support them, they cease to be able to manifest into my reality.

If I am connected to Godsource Energy, then I can relax and assume that all which comes my way is good and for my good. All, regardless of how it looks.

Instead of thinking “that’s bad”, I now think “am I connected to source?” If I feel connected, I assume it is good. If I feel unconnected, I take time to reconnect.

In fact, when I am able to avoid trying to directly fix something considered “bad” or “negative” and, instead, turn my attention to making sure my connection with God is strong, I am far more effective in whatever situation faces me and problems take care of themselves far easier than when I focus on this thing that has appeared in my life instead of checking and focusing on my connection to source.

When I am able to grasp that my only job is to stay connected, a blessed absence of fear and doubt results; a blessed absence of any need to control, understand, manipulate or change things results.

When I remember that my work is to stay connected to source, I even can let go of the tiring task of holding specific visions for my life. Vision is built-in. Mission is built-in.

It’s not something I have to find, create, make happen or choose. I chose before I came. Remembering who I am and staying connected to I AM is the fastest, most efficient and in fact, only way, to totally fulfill my highest mission in life.

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