Constipation Types and Causes

What Causes Frequent or Chronic Constipation?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Weak, Solid Cold or Hot – Which type of constipation do you have?

Guest article from Emperor’s Herbologist

I received this newsletter article from Allen over at Emperor’s Herbologist and since it tied into my own recent challenges with constipation, thought I’d post it here. This article, as far as I know, is the copywritten material of Emperor’s Herbologist. Please contact Allen if you want to reprint or reproduce.

I’d also like to add a few more constipation remedies to go along with all that I mentioned earlier in Constipation from Traveling post:

Digestive Enzymes, honey, yogurts such as Activia, coconut oil, olive oil, abdominal accupressure and glycerin suppositories. One caution on glycerin suppositories: If you resort to this, and for me it was definitely a last resort, and it does not result in a bowel movement within an hour, you need to see your doctor because there may be a more serious condition such as diverticulitis to consider.

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Do you constantly feel Overjoyed? Over Anger? Over Worried? Think Too Much? Sad? Terrified? Surprised?

Did you know that too much of any one of these emotions can hurt various of your internal organs.

It is not healthy for you to feel too tense at any time. Which reminds me of a joke. A man goes in to a doctor mumbling “I’m a Wigwam, I’m a Tee pee, I’m a Wigwam, I’m a Tee pee” The Doctor says to the man, “Well, there’s your problem… you’re too tents.” I know… boo. But a little humor even if it’s really bad can change your day.

Now, if you run around to tense or over emotionalized, you will may end up causing yourself some problems. The good news is most of these problems will not need medicine… if you can make the elimination part of your digestive system work properly.

There are many types of constipation. Believe it or not, constipation is not limited to only one type…

Types of Constipation (not a complete list):

=> Weak (asthenic) constipation;
=> Solid constipation;
=> Cold constipation;
=> Hot constipation.

This all may be news to you… it was to me. All these different types of constipation. But in this article I will define the differences for you. And of course what you can do to alleviate it.

About the different types of constipation:

Weak (Asthenic) Constipation – This is the type that normally
happens to pregnant women, seniors, children, or patients who
have been sick for a long time. Especially people afflicted
with apoplexia.

The stool of people with weak constipation is not necessarily
hard. Sometimes it is soft, even thin (watery like diarrhea)
but it is very hard for the stool to come out.

The cause of this is the intestine (bowel) lacks the power to

At this time, some may say “Use glycerin and give a glycerin
enema” This is not so good. The more you use “Artificial”
means, the worse the problem may get. This is because it causes
the bowels to lose even more of their inherent squeezing power.

Ancient Chinese herbalists, and modern day TCM (Traditional
Chinese Medicine) practitioners think by using complementary
remedies — e.g. using a tonifying herbal formulation or using
lubricating formulations can help people afflicted to move
their bowels easier.

That is why in Ancient China when this type of constipation
happened, they used food to cure it.

Foods they used were: Semen Cannabis Sativae (Huo Ma Ren)
together with an herb called Xuzi and made it into a porridge.
This special porridge helped them move their bowels very

Solid and Hot Constipation – Stool is very hard, solid, dry, a
long piece; or like little “pills”.

If the patient looks very solid and strong, and the sound of
their voice is very powerful, and their stool is like the one
described above. This is called solid constipation.

If the patient has a burning feeling in the anus (it feels hot)
when moving their bowels. This is called “Hot” constipation.

According to TCM herbs used to treat both of these types are:
Dahuang (Radix et rhizama rhei), or use Pu xiao (Natrium
sulfuricum). This will help to move the bowels much easier.

Cold Constipation – Stool looks like mud. It is sticky not dry,
and is really stinky some times with a sour smell. This is
caused because the internal organs are too cold. Solving this
type of constipation is very easy according to TCM.

Simply use Li Zhong Tang (Li Zhong Soup). It is a combination
of herbs each herbalist makes it a bit different.

Some constipation is caused by Bad Habits

These “Bad habits” include: Not moving the bowels
when the person feels they need to… “holding it”.
In this case, the moisture in the stool is
absorbed by the intestines. This is very easy
to solve. Drink more water when this happens.

But the best way is to do as the
saying goes “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.”

Another constipation situation is one TCM Doctors call
“Difficult to move the bowels.” This is not called
constipation, but this happens to some people. Their stool is
not hard, it’s not that they can’t move their bowels.. but it
takes a long time until it comes out.

This kind of situation is similar to asthenic constipation.
When this kind of situation happens take Radix angelicae
sinensis (Dang Gui).


Here is how to prevent all the
above types constipation from happening.

First – Do some light exercise everyday. It does not need to be
heavy exercise with heavy sweat. Just light movement.

Second – Keep your temper balanced.

Third – Drink more water.

Fourth – Don’t eat too much of foods classified by TCM as
extremely “hot” foods. By “hot” foods we are talking about
foods are the ones that after eating them make your body feel
warm. Foods such as ginger, fennel, clove, and hot spices
(peppers, etc.). Deep fried is also considered as a hot food.
Not because of the temperature, but because of the food

Fifth – make sure you are getting enough fiber (vegetables,
whole fruits, whole grains, etc.)

Sixth – use the toilet when you feel the need.

Seventh – Keep your feelings balanced (over joyed, over sad,

So when you pay attention to these things, your digestive and
evacuation systems will stay healthy and work normally.

When your digestive and evacuative systems are working well,
you are better able to get the toxins out of your system.

When you get toxins out of your system, your skin will begin to
look better. You will feel better. You will have more energy.
You will feel happier and more energetic, and more able to get
things done faster and easier. You will not be “moody” and or
sluggish. And you will get a lot of other benefits.

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