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Getting into the vibration of peace and tranquility
I lift it up mantra

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Question on Healing:

I am seeking help with working with the Ego. I am working with a healer who simply says I am so “amped” up that I am not in a position to hear “God” because I am so much a part of my ego. His recommendations is meditation and awareness of my thoughts, stop talking so much. This is very important to me now, because I am unemployed and must find a job that is my highest and best.

I am looking for other proven techniques that can help me to slow down naturally and begin to get into the vibration of peace and tranquility to become more accessible to the answers. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to do this?

Healing Facilitation Response:

I practice a mantra I created for myself years ago.

It is simply

“I lift it up”

I say it everytime I find myself sinking into lower vibrations of fear, worry, doubt, struggle, pain body or other negative space.

Spiritual surrender is remembering at any given time that a Higher Power has a Higher Purpose.

If we make the goal of the day to stay connected to that higher power (meditation, stillness, listening to uplifting music and speakers are good ways to keep connected) then all else will take care of itself.

The moment the mind (read: ego self thinking what to do) enters in, we lose the connection.

Ask for the job that is most in alignment with the Higher Power and Higher Purpose of your beingness and then look for the signs and be led.

Sounds easy. Tremendously difficult for most of us. The mind, and the ego self running it most of the time, wants very much to feel it has some kind of handle on things; that it knows.

Practicing spiritual surrender and staying connected is the best advice I can give you. Try the I lift it up mantra as a way of demonstrating a letting go of whatever you is troubling and whatever the mind is grasping.

It helps me to repeatedly remind myself that my only job is to stay connected. It is not my job to find a job or make anything happen but rather to be open and stay open to guidance from my Highest Aspects and to allow Spirit to move me in the world rather than allowing my Ego to move me through my day.

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