How your posture can affect your heart

How Your Posture Can Affect Your Heart

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Chiro Perspective on Posture and Cardiovascular Health

I got this health tidbit from my chiropractor. She’s been in wellness for 40 years and often shares little gems of wisdom like free candy.

I love going there for the treatments and also for the added bonus of often-shared wisdom.

She told me today that certain vertebrae innervate the heart and that postures that stress those vertebrae can stress the heart.

In particular, she feels that T-3 and T-4 are important to keep free of unnecessary stress, to help heart conditions or prevent them.

The posture I normally use at the computer is such that, if I don’t monitor my posture, involves stooping forward with my arms and hands forward in a way that those very vertebrae are stressed.

She says that the classic “dowager” stooped over posture puts great stress on T-3 and T-4 and also the lungs.

Learning to maintain better posture can help more than your back. It can help your heart, lungs and other organs perform as nature intended them to perform for you.

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