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Natural Constipation Remedy Works for Persistent, Prolonged Constipation that did not respond to other constipation remedies I tried ….. Holy Tea worked for me when nothing else worked
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Dr. Millers Holy Tea Review
Chronic constipation Remedy

I drove to Gulf Shores for vacation. It’s about a 7 hour drive. By the time we got there, I knew I was in trouble. I struggled for the entire week to regain normal bowel movement and had just gotten myself straightened out when it was time for the long drive back. The day after driving back, I had to get back in the car and make another five hour trip the very next day. By the time that was all over, I was miserable from constipation.

This went on for an unbelievable two weeks. I barely had any movement at all except for a minute movement in the morning. This was a big change for me as I’ve always had two to three movements per day which is, by the way, what I consider normal.

During this two week period of absolute misery, I tried just about every natural constipation remedy I had ever heard about. I chronicled my trials and tribulations in an earlier post about constipation and natural constipation remedies.

It was to the point where I knew my next step would involve medical doctors, x-rays, perhaps a colonoscopy…..shudder.

Then, I happened by my local health food store to see if maybe there was a remedy I had missed on my earlier visits. The woman there told me about a tea. It’s called Holy Tea, not because it is promoted as having spiritual attributes but because of one of the active herbs in the tea, Holy Thistle.

MLM Stops Me:

I had actually heard of Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea before from friends I value and whose opinion I respect. These friends had gotten major results from the tea so I totally trusted that it was a good product but I got turned off when I visited the website and saw that it was almost an mlm structure.

Like many who have been involved in mlm business, I swore off that structure years ago. I didn’t buy the tea at that time, despite the sterling recommendation from my friends.

Now, here it was turning up again in front of me. This time, I listened….actually, what choice did I really have? I’d tried everything else I knew.

This woman at my local health food store was not promoting the business, but just selling some of her extra tea that she didn’t think she’d use herself before her next autoship order arrived. She had two bags of the tea (makes one gallon of the tea) and sold them to me for $10.

I went straight home and brewed up a gallon of this Holy Tea and started drinking it.

My body responded within an hour by gurglings and inner rumblings but no bowel movement til morning and what a movement it was….

Unless you’ve been severely constipated for a long time, it will be hard to imagine why I wanted to just jump and shout and sing in the streets. The bowel movement I had the next day was disqusting and glorious, all at once.

Because holy tea worked for me, I decided to join the Holy Tea Club and share the information here. However, after I joined the company adopted even more of an mlm structure and it turned me off. I don’t share order information anymore but it is easy to find on google. amazon also has the holy tea, also called Dr. Miller’s Miracle Tea

I can unequivocably say that this is the most effective natural constipation remedy I have ever tried, bar none. I have since added a review on this product and also listed any known contraindications. Please read the Holy Tea Product Review before ordering.

3 thoughts on “Best Natural Constipation Remedy

  1. Great info on the Holy Tea. I wonder why it’s called as such (the infusion had holy thistle on it) but I guess given that it helps get rid of stubborn constipation, then it’s surely divine. I was wondering if Holy/Divine thistle and Milk thistle come from the same family, though Milk thistle is a known liver enhancer and laxative at the same time. Anyways, nice to know that Holy Tea got those bowels moving, there are also standardized herbal remedies you can turn to for relief and these can be composed of Dandelion and Aloe Ferox compounds.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I believe you are referring to the natural moves formula by Native Remedies. I promote a lot of their products and believe in that company but had not reviewed the info on that particular product.

    I do have some info on the natural moves product on my page on natural constipation remedies, as well as some helpful tips for reducing the discomfort of constipation and getting the bowels functioning properly once more:

    It’s a little confusing sorting out all the thistle info online but, best I can make out, blessed thistle is also called holy thistle but is very different in application than milk thistle. I am not sure which one if called divine or if, like holy, both may be.

    I continue to use the holy tea every day and honestly can tell a big difference if I skip it just one day. It seems to be cleaning me out throughout my body and just keeping everything running better. I plan to keep using it until that might change in the future.

    By the way, your post was somewhere in between a post that really shared enough good info to justify a backlink and one that was posting to advertise so I compromised. Here is the site of the poster above if anyone would like to visit it: myherbalremedystore dot com

  3. The right diet rich in fiber and vitamins is the best way to cleanse your body of toxins. I think that drinking the right amount of water is essential in the process as well.

    admin note: promotional site deleted

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